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Magic vs MetalCenturies after a meteor impact nearly wipes out mankind, two factions evolve – one biological, the other mechanical.

Now, both are locked in a desperate war for survival. Choose your hero, summon an unstoppable army, unleash devastating powers, and wipe out the enemy in this unique real-time strategy game.

Play with one hand while commanding above the battlefield, or join the battle in an action-packed third-person shooter – the choice is yours!

Wage war across a post-apocalyptic world as you attack and defend in a massive single-player campaign.

Choose from six unique heroes, each with dozens of powerful spells to bring into battle. Crush your enemies with the Berserker, disintegrate them with the Nova, overwhelm them with the armies of the Necromancer, and more!

Collect items and use them to craft rare and powerful artifacts that supercharge your heroes, spells, and troops!

Experience incredible 3D graphics, dynamic lighting, and detailed particle effects. You’ll be immersed in this dark and war-torn fantasy world!

Summon fantasy creatures, or build sci-fi war machines. Cast spells, or unleash firepower. Use magic or technology to win the war – the choice is yours in this unique merging of genres!

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Magic vs Metal user reviews :

The game is really good and the sound designs are excellent. My only problem with this game is the lack of a story line, you only get told a history at the start of the game and thats it. As a result it gets kind of repetetive the more you progress. Also the magi side is a bit harder than the metal side. But otherwise this game has the potential to be one of the best mobile games out there, also the fact that there are no interrupting ads which is a HUGE plus in my book. Thanks for your hardwork

This plays awesome on the chrome cast the controls are perfect for screen casting and you don’t need to look at the phone,the graphics are unreal but yet it still runs smooth on a mediocre phone even wile casting, great concept and smart design,it also controls great,a pro execution,it’s an arena shooter,a capture or defend the base,and a tower defense game all in one.

okay I dont know who I made happy to allow me to find this game but thank you! so some hot tips for new players. • if you see nightmares tapdancing your way throw down a barrier and send a disentergrator after them(on the opposite side of the barrier!) if you’re impatient mana bomb should speed things up. • be a dirty fighter, for example Nova’s blades can stack, I’ve only gotten to six but I’d reckon it could go higher. • be careful what you break for runes

Impossible to play . Either the controlls don’t appear or the Player character doesn’t want to attack . Also ,no way of going back to main menu .Not even a button for it .. After trying a few times it suddenly worked .I hope it stays like that .. I let my review at 3 stars ..IF this stays like now ..ILL GIVE 5

I don’t like the function where you have to complete the same level over and over again with someone else just to get more stars or rewards. It is annoying. Great graphics and game play.

Cool 40k vibe with excellent gameplay. The only problem is progression is essentially controlled by watching adds. Not game breaking but not fun either. Characters could use some visual customization to add more fun. Overall still very good.

  • Hello! We have an update pending that ads an IAP to remove all ads, and grants their full rewards without having to watch anything. This should be nice for those who prefer the premium experience!

The cool graphics, story, aaa console music, easy controls, power management, player management, tougher when more enemies introduced as levels pass on, addictive, It’s already a AAA game right from start

The game just lack a story context (I feel like playing an arcade game which just defeating stages that is gradually became challenging without any stories background), the rest is excellent.

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