Magical Girl – Save this beautiful world

[Game] Magical Girl – Idle Pixel Hero

Magical GirlI will protect the world with my magic!

Flotia, a world deprived of all life
by the greedy god Darklin..

Before disappearing, Elysia the goddess of peace
used the last of her strength to give Flotia one last chance..

That is Ariel, the Magical Girl.

In order to save this beautiful world,
Ariel starts her adventure on a broomstick.

#SideScrolling #AutomaticCombat #LongDistanceMagic #TrainingTree

Super-fast growth even when left alone for 24 hours, Idle RPG!
10M of damage in one day is totally normal!
Levels & stages that are always evolving faster
with 24H idle rewards!

SSS level Looks and Magic for your own pixel girl!
Summon 16 types of magic and various orbs and costumes to complete your own combo!
Choose your favorite among a wide selection of amazing pixel looks: Maid, Angel and even Bunny Girl!
Show everyone how strong you are with wide-area magic!
Customize battles by separating performance/appearance, experience double the fun with spectacular battles!

Super simple one-touch training!
No need to worry about where to invest!
All stats up with only one button! Reaching the ‘Legendary’ level will be easier than ever!
Enjoy true idle gameplay!

Endless growth with four-stage equipment enchantment? The core of raising your own heroine!
What talents will be unlocked today…?
The more you enchant your equipment, the more powerful your magical abilities and explosive your damage will be!
Experience the powerful growth of a magical girl with incredible looks and combat skills!

START your adventure in a new dimension!
World Boss, in-depth exploration, Monster’s Nest… Lots of fun await thanks to the 9 battle modes!
Break through the limits and watch as the rewards start pouring in!
Say no to complex gaming! Clear everything with idle play!

Magical Girl user review :

Easy to play time waster. Text is readable even in my small screen so at least i am not tapping blindly. The game intro is interesting and it would be nice if there is a tiny bit of story progression too along the way. Like, we are given an intro, so it’d be nice to know where we are truly heading in game aside from clear stages. The game gets boring overtime since there was nothing much to look forward to. Like others have pvp on the side or something. But game is adorable.

Although the graphics are cute, ads for the game made me think it would be a more personalized gameplay. It really does just play itself. Idle to an extreme. Like, it feels like there is actually nothing to do despite the constant quests. Which would be ok if the UI wasn’t such a flashing nightmare, always constantly flashing buttons that never seem to stop being beacons. Very much not a fan of this one, but I hope it sees success with those who are!

fun, but tutorial could be improved and shop can be optimized further //edit additional: I like that you have to double-tap some things so accidental taps are infrequent, it’s a nice feature. Progression is really fast from the start but it slows down a bit, which actually feels normal; being stuck in a level doesn’t feel too long. The low power feature is also nice. Also, graphics and art are cute.

  • Hey there, Shir0! Improvements to the tutorial and shop? Got it! We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts, and we’ll make sure to review them to see what we can do for future updates! In the meantime, make sure you stay up to date on the latest news from our official community!

Before I left a bad review, but found that there a setting to turn off alerts for ad-rewards. It’s under an item you can buy to skip ads. It’s easy to miss but nice because it lets users choose what kind of alerts they want. In fact, everything about this game is pretty simple, but a aesthetically pleasing and TONS of customization. Only things holding this from 5*: Little battle customization for battle style, and paid prices are too high, except the item that lets you skip ads.

  • Hi, Amethyst! Thank you for posting a new review! Glad to hear that you found the settings for the ad reward notifications, and understood from your review that it could be hard to find. We’ll review your feedback about the settings, as well as the battle customization and product prices. Thank you so much for your valuable input

This is everything I could have hoped for in an idle game. The time limit is a full 24 hours, instead of a lame 2-4 hours like a ton of idle games do. This encourages me to check in when I can and not sweat it if I can’t. The summoning system feels rewarding and even if I only get low level loot, I can see that it’ll one day accumulate into something better. The game throws you right into the gameplay without hand holding and excessive tutorials. There are help bubbles everywhere to help.

  • Hi there, Kahri! Wow, one of the most detailed reviews we’ve had! We understand how important offline rewards and the availability of equipment can be for players, and are glad that you enjoyed our game. If you want to have a chat with other players, come stop by our official community! Link:

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