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Hell RiftIdle Dungeons is a daily dose of entertainment that provides 10 minutes of fun every day!

About Game
This addictive incremental game, players take on the role of a dungeon adventurer tasked with occupy and maintaining their own dungeon.
Using idle gameplay mechanics, players can earn rewards and unlock new features by allowing their dungeon to run passively in the background.

With simple and intuitive gameplay, Idle Dungeons is easy to pick up and play, making it perfect for players looking to kill time and have some fun.
Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of idle games, you’ll love the daily challenge and excitement of Idle Dungeons!

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Hell Rift user reviews :

I like this game a lot. My only two problems with the game so far is one: sometimes it won’t load the game so I can’t get on. And two: sometimes after I start a battle the people just stand there and don’t move so I have to exit the battle and rejoin

  • Hello Tabitha Campbell, Thank you for your report and support. We will check and fix it soon! If you encounter any issues with the game, please feel free to contact us, thank you!

Descent game for now. A lot of character with very little upgrade resources makes me give it a 4. A feature that other idle games have that might be beneficial is the ascension feature. Adding an ascension could give bonuses to damage or loot gain that would balance out the low upgrade resource problem.

  • Hello Adam Scott, Thank for your feedback, we have adjusted the frequency of epic heroes in the new version, so players will be able to obtain them more easily.

Very slow and boring with no story or sense of purpose beyond; do this, then that, and repeat.

Thought it was going to be more fun, played the game for 7 minutes before deleting it lacks more user input which is to be assumed since it is a Idle game but this one was worst since it didn’t give you that grind for it feeling since it doesn’t show a clear path to leveling up and benefits of doing so.

  • Thank you for your comment, our team will discuss about how to show a clear path.

Immediate unskippable tutorial with blaring music and NO WAY TO MUTE until you finish. 1 star until you fix this.

  • Thank you for your comment, we added the “skip” button, wish you will try it again.

Fun game to pass time when you’re really bored, it would be great to have more active players so that we can make a bigger community and enjoy the game even more!

  • Hello Andy, Thank for your support!

Gameplay is simple… Too many heroes and not enough resources given to summon..

  • Hello Byron Henninger, Thank you for your comment, Idle Dungeons is a Lite Dungeon Game with Incremental mechanism.

Will not load with WiFi or data so it has big time issues

  • Hello Michael Durbin, Thank for your report, we will check and fix it as soon as possible!

It is nice game play and not hard and not too easy but it was the funest game I haved played

  • Thanks for your support!

Literal pay wall game. You need duplicate epic heros to upgrade your epic heroes, but they have a 1% chance to be summoned

  • Hello Michael Andreassen, Thank for your feedback, we have adjusted the frequency of epic heroes in the new version, so players will be able to obtain them more easily.

some of the instructions are a but vage

  • Hello Ember wood, Thank for your feedback, we will add full instructions in the game as soon as possible!

It’s real busy

  • Hello Donny Marquart, Thank for your feedback, could you please send a mail to the customer service mailbox to provide complete feedback? Our support mail : support[at]gamewolf.com

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