Mahjong World Adventure – Explore the famous treasure

[Game] Mahjong World Adventure – The Treasure Trails

Mahjong World Adventure  Ready for the most epic treasure hunt ever?!

Go on an adventure around the world and explore the famous treasure trails – an exciting route full of rare artifacts – as you play over 80 levels of mahjong. With more levels added every week, the fun never stops!

Hunt for treasures hidden throughout the worlds, unlock amazing HD artwork and meet lots of interesting characters as you play mahjong and travel the world on the treasure trails!

 Fun, Relaxing & Casual Mahjong

Our mahjong games are perfect for players of all skill levels! Each puzzle is fun, relaxing and always solvable – no need to worry about making a wrong move and creating an impossible situation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

Remember, if you need a hand, just tap on the hint button!

Hunt & Craft Rare Treasures

On your treasure hunt around the world, you’ll have the chance to collect crafting tiles as you play mahjong. Collect all the crafting tiles for an item and you’ll unlock that piece of rare treasure! Keep the treasure or sell it for thousands and thousands of gold coins!

When you complete a mahjong solitaire puzzle, you have the chance to open between 1 and 3 mystery treasure chest, giving you the chance to find even more cool stuff to keep or sell!


Classic mahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragons twist
Easy to understand gameplay suitable for all ages
Helpful hints are always available when you need them
Match tiles on an epic journey with over 80 levels
More maps, features & levels added every month!
Normal and expert modes for the skilled mahjong solitaire player
Bonus levels with various ways to play
Collect Treasure Trails artwork, save & use as a HD background
Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGE rewards
Free daily rewards & coins for active players
Each level uses its own uniquely themed tile sets
Replay each level as many times as you like to earn more coins
Earn coins to unlock more exciting mahjong boards
Play offline – no wifi needed!


Land 1 – Ancient Mystery
Exploring old ruins, you find an ancient treasure map. Still in tact, it’s written in a strange language you don’t understand.

Land 2 – Eastern Adventure
Adventure to lands far, far away and locate the mysterious man who is rumoured to understand the language of the treasure map.

Land 3 – Treasures of the World
With a translation of the map, you embark on your treasure trails adventure around the world, finding amazing items and meeting fun people along the way!

Land 4 – Paradise Island
X marks the spot, right? Can you find the chest of gold buried beneath Paradise Island?

More Lands Coming Soon…
We’re constantly adding exciting new maps each month, so keep checking back for more mahjong fun!


Mahjong World Adventure user reviews :

I give this a 5 star rating, it is an excellent game. The only thing I find fault with is on the expert levels, the pieces at are really small. Even wearing glasses they are hard to see. But that is the only thing bad that I say. Great game…

Really love this game but the ads are overwhelming!!! I play a lot of games and this site has more ads than I have seen on a game!! Tone it down a little. The ads don’t usually bother me, but on this game they really do!!!!!

Love the graphics. Fun to play. Only problem is that it takes a lot of money to open one and it’s hard to collect money.

Pretty awesome! Challenging!!! Fun to play! Would recommend!!

I like playing this game but needless to say. I will be uninstalling it because it has been a long time already waiting for 800+ to open up
  • Beautiful Free Mahjong Games by Difference Games
  • Hi , thank you for the fantastic 5-star score rating on our free Mahjong World Adventure The Treasure Trails! It is great to hear that you had fun playing our mahjong game! We hope you will continue to support us and continue playing our other mahjong games!

Very fun game but to many ads cant do anything without one its horrible do something different and u get a 5 and I will keep playing thank you

Tons of different puzzles!! Lots of ads, but worth it for the entertainment

I love this game, I’ve tried other simular games, but none compare to this one!

Love the matching game and the extras

Love this line of games! I never get bored! Thank you for another World Adventure!

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