Major Mayhem 2 – Battle the forces of The Evil Villains Corporation

[Game] Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem 2Major Mayhem 2 : Major Mayhem is returning to duty and once again must battle the forces of The Evil Villains Corporation!

The Major and his Mayhem has never looked, felt and sounded so good!

Run, gun, and blast your way through hundreds of villains
Adventure through 50 hand crafted unique levels of non-stop action!
Show your force in 5 Big Boss Fights!
Complete the entertaining and light hearted story.
Unlock and upgrade 20 unique weapons!
Prove yourself by earning the 150 mission medals.
Simple to play but hard to master gameplay.
Win spectacular rewards!
Colourful HD graphics.
Everything in the game can be earned absolutely free!

Nothing on earth that can prepare you for, Major Mayhem!

Save the world, save your vacation!

A Message from the Developers:
We spent a long time and a lot of effort crafting Major Mayhem 2 into be the best sequel all our fans have been waiting for. We hope the wait was worth it and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you for playing Major Mayhem and now Major Mayhem 2!

Have Fun. :)

Rocket Jump

Major Mayhem 2 user reviews :

I am a big major mayhem fan and was very happy to see the sequel. At last after a lot of waiting and numerous requests from the fans finally the sequel arrived, what took you so long rocket jump games. I have just started and like the first one it is a brilliant game with new settings and great graphics. Major Mayhem was the one of very few games I completed and I will also try and complete this game. At first sight Major Mayhem2 looks to be a wonderful game. It will be a huge hit in the world of mobile games even bigger then the first one. I love Major Mayhem. Maybe an animation movie on Major Mayhem in future.
  • Rocket JumpApril 24, 2018
  • Lol, a movie? maybe not. Thanks for the kind words though. We’ll continue to update and improve Major Mayhem2.

The first one is better because u no need to wait for energy, get blueprints for guns, chests and pay to win basically.. And Sadly u can’t customise ur character like the first one. But so far the only thing that is good is the graphics. It has improved alot…

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