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Kloot ArenaWelcome to Kloot Arena! This turn-based Online PvP Battle Arena game delivers non-stop action with fast-paced, skill and strategy-driven battles.

Challenge your friends to head-to-head clashes or compete against other online players in ranked battles. Earn rewards and climb the leagues to battle your way to the top!

Compete for glory and rewards as you collecting stars to make your way through the leagues, reaching for the top!

Collect and customize epic characters, then evolve and upgrade them to become even more powerful. With unique attacks including devastating explosions, flying projectiles, brawling tackles, cutting blades, and more, you’ll need to master each character’s strengths and strategies to become a real Kloot Master!

Easy-to-use controls, amazing sound, and stunning graphics make Kloot Arena a truly immersive gaming experience. And with continuous updates, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Join the battle today and thank you for playing with us! Itatake

Kloot Arena user reviews :

The controls first of all, are horrible and take the fun away IMHO. I had a heck of a time trying to turn. Controlling the marble should be smooth as butter but it’s not unfortunately. The demonic imagery is not my thing at all. Why can’t a game be fun without evil graphics? Seems unnecessarily over the top. If it weren’t for the baffling rough controls and weird theme of a marble game was fixed, it might be a gem of a game for it’s original idea. For now though, it’s a hard pass for me.

  • Ok, thank you for the feedback! The marbles are drifting a bit (by design) and it may take some turns to get grip of it, but this is important feedback that we will take into consideration

Very fun and addictive. The music, the sounds and animations are amazing. The only issue I have at the moment is, there is no account link? If you have to transfer devices you have to start over. That means all progress and all in app purchases GONE! Please fix this and it would be a 5 star rating. I see this being a competitive game in the future but we need to be able to take our accounts with us.

  • Thank you for playing and for your feedback! Yes, account creation is one of our biggest focus and it will be available in a coming update.

This game is pretty refreshing, it’s a new game concept for me! Eyegasmic colours, fonts, UI. The sound gets a bit crackly but it’s all good. Instant reaction to any direction, buttong press, almost no lag. PVP matchups are not long, awesome variety of arenas!. A lock target function would be good Edited: No more forced adverts! The game needs optional ads for a lot more. Almost a 5 star

  • Thank you so much!! Yes, we are working on some additions with this. Stay tuned

This game is great exept one condition. Every time I play rank or what mode the screen is glitched out. I can’t even see where I was aiming at. Devs can you fix this, but overall its great I just wish this glitch would be fixed.

  • Thank you for playing and for reporting this issue, we will have a look at it immediately! If possible, please send a screenshot or video that shows the glitch. It would help us a lot

I really like it although I have a little bit of a problem with the movement which I hope they add controller support or make a PC port where you can use the mouse and control their other than that pretty fun game matches are quick the game’s easy to understand and it is quite a original idea

This game is excellent it has great graphics unique content and concept great art and great characters. Unfortunately unlike your other games like gunslingers it doesn’t have offline gameplay option. You guys really need to add an offline mode

Yo Devs! Good Game, but there’s a terrible bug rn. after every game, you ask if we want to double the rewards and we cant click any of the options (watch ad, use gems, or close option. i need to close the game every time just to play another game.. pls fix that.

  • Thank you for reporting! This should be fixed in next update, stay tuned

Kloot Arena is a simple yet deep marble game with 11 unique characters. Players strategically use their masks’ abilities to eliminate enemy marbles. Different arenas suit specific masks, and testing characters before purchase adds enjoyment. The lack of single-player content limits longevity, depending on online player availability. The monetization model raises pay-to-win concerns. Still, the concept makes it worth exploring.

  • Thank you for playing and for the review We will continue to develop the game and update it with more features and game modes. Also, it is really important to us that the game is not pay-to-win and we will try to limit these concerns.

I really like this game from the visuals to the gameplay and so far there’s nothing that really bothers me about it. It would be great if you added an offline practice mode but overall great game.

  • Thank you for playing and for the feedback That’s a great idea and it is in our roadmap, stay tuned!

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