Make a City – Grow your very own tiny town

[Game] Make a City Idle Tycoon

Make a City  Make a City : Tap to build a city and develop it!

Grow your very own tiny town into a bustling virtual city!

Build houses, earn money, upgrade structures, hire more workers to help, and even construct ANOTHER city in this combination clicker and city building game! Earn achievements create a blooming business; boost your economy and MORE!

Become a City Builder, build buildings and upgrades them with our awesome upgrades! Accumulate money and construct houses even when you are away offline! Log in often to watch your city’s development and head it the right way!

Do you like idle games? What about city builder games? Are you ready to make something special?


Click and tap to build a house!
Make it grow into an impressive city!
Hire more workers!
Unlock new houses and city buildings and grow!
Maintain the town! Watch the balance of different structure types!
Use science and upgrade to increase structure efficiency! Do away with inefficacies!
Attract construction specialists from different fields!
Get stars for each level you complete. Spend stars on upgrades and to unlock new houses!
Make a home away from home!
You are the city builder in this city building game!
Fun and addictive idle clicker app!
Become the #1 clicker development tycoon!
Beware CLICKER GAMES are very addictive!
Combination City Building and Idle game!
Hire workers to manage the office!
Increase worker efficiency!
Grow another town if you want! Get new stars for moving into another town!
This idle and clicker game has everything you want!

Download the best clicker game, Make a CityIdle Tap. Play right now. If you like City building and enjoy being a city builder download now!

Future updates will include instruments for workers, researchers, new upgrades and maybe the entire addition modules.

Make a City user reviews :

Im new to the game so i cant really acurately give a fair and impartial review. But from what little i have seen the game seems to be well thought out, bug free, and easy to play. Easy to navigate through the menus, easy to understand. The rewards for watching a short video are fairly decent, however they dont provide much bang for your buck if you want to buy ingame cash. I would point to the greedy side. Meaning you dont get much ingame cash for your hard earned $$.

I personally find this game to be very amateur. The beginning stages of game making, but I could see this idea going somewhere. The instructions/wording seem confusing to me. This particular game was very boring as well, I’ve played several Tap games that have beautiful graphics, great music and cute characters… this isnt one of them. Theres nothing that grabs your attention at the start of the game and not enough reasons to make me consider playing it more. Tried it for Rewarded Play.

I love this game. Easy to learn but not simple!

This a fun game I had no clue we could do quests and Automatic building.Thanks a lot game!!!

Very Good Game!!!!!! It’s so much fun. The graphics good. It’s simple and fun.

it was the best experience of my life in the game!Thank you for that. It is a game with really good graphics. I also like that it is a building game.

Seems ok so far. Played only for couple minutes.

its amazing and simple but easy to play.

love it. very addictive. an enjoyable game

It’s a fun and hard but not to hard game

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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