Make Hexa Puzzle – Challenge and stimulate your brain for hours

[Game] Make Hexa Puzzle

Make Hexa Puzzle

Make Hexa Puzzle is a simple yet highly addictive hexablock puzzle game that will challenge and stimulate your brain for hours!

Great for building spatial intelligence and geometric skills!

Simply drag the triangles onto the grid and combine them with the same color to form a hexagon! Create as many hexagons as you can to fill up the gauge and create the ultimate Rainbow Hexa!


No Wifi? No problem! Play online or offline!
Simple to learn, fun to master!
No time limit!
Automatically saves progress!
Supported on various devices: Enjoy on smartphone or tablet!
Colorful graphics!

Make Hexa Puzzle contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
Make Hexa Puzzle is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.

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Make Hexa Puzzle user reviews :

I love this game – truly I do. Game play is smooth, and the concept is great. But the ads, and the fact that they play audio *even if the game is set not to* makes it impossible to play discreetly. Adding to that, they are way too long and most of the time can’t be backed out of. I get having to be funded by ads, but this implementation prevents play. I would absolutely pay for an ad free version.

Addictive. If you don’t have money to buy the points you need to continue, then you spend a while watching ads. When you have enough points, off you go. You get one automatic reprieve the first time you can’t move…watch an ad, and the middle sections get erased. I made it to over 8000 one game, but spent days watching ads to see how far I could go.

It’s a simple enough concept. It could be set up for a player to go on and on without much challenge. These guys have opted for the other option: let you get a good start, then throw pieces at you that you don’t need, forcing you to clutter up the board and use boosts, perhaps even purchase them. Some people dig that kind of game. I’m happy enough playing without boosts, it’s a good enough distraction as is.

I’ve done other Hexa type puzzles before that have always frustrated me until this one. It gives me the oportunity to turn pieces so that I can use them to fit in just right. Absolutely LOVE it! I can even delete unuseable pieces!! Finally someone was thinking of people like me who get discouraged & give up easily because I could never finish the puzzle! You thought of me!!

I absolutely love this game I’m pretty much addicted to it LOL and really enjoy playing it. & the only thing I REALLY wish would be different is if there was a variety of different colors, patterns, & designs available to pick for the hexagon pieces. I love when games have different cool themes to pick from or unlock with points you play for. There is literally only TWO design options. But yeah.

All around good offline game. It’s achievements list isnt available offline so if you don’t care for google play then disregard the dozens of ‘achievement unlocked’ pop ups you’ll recieve as merely a frivolous notion. Gameplay is fine at best, although when it comes to making combination hexes there’s no overflow count; if I follow a 5 hex-combo with a 4 hex-combo, instead of having three indications on the combo bar at the top of the screen, the count just resets to zero.

Since the last update, whenever I chose to watch an ad to continue the game, it gets frozen after the ad. Then when i choose Double coins chance, I watch the ad then once again the game freezes. Forcing me to force close the app. Then after opening the game again, it did not give me double coins. This happens on every game!

Just started playing, but so far, it’s a fun little game. It’s easy and relaxing. (later) After a week or so of mostly enjoyable play, I uninstalled because I kept hitting the lower buttons for deleting or trash by mistake and there was no prompt to ask if that was my intent. Live with a programmer who says it’s no-brainer to fix. Perhaps my frustration threshold is too low…

Fun puzzle game. But u just run out of moves. I would play more if u can trash more pieces. It gets too slow. But the concept is great. Perhaps different Difficulty choices! Less colors for the casual player Would make it more Appealing to the masses. :) Imo Thanks.

Enjoying it but I really HATE!!!!! That the price of help (i.e. # of videos) you will have to watch goes up EVERY TIME you use it!!!! By DOUBLE!! A help option at the beginning is 100pts -1 video…. then 200pts, then 400, 800, etc at 30 seconds per video, 4 min for 4 uses!!! It should have a stopping point where it stays the same for the rest of the game. Please consider changing this awful design for abuse of ads

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