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Merge Town

Ever wanted to be Mayor?

Ever wanted to run a town, develop the land, and see a metropolis grow?

Well, look no further than Merge Town!, the newest title from Gram Games. The concept of the game is simple – you have a plot of land, and it’s your job to turn it into a town. Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a house. Each house can be merged with other houses of the same variety to form a bigger home.

Every house built on the land will earn you money – the bigger the home, the more you will earn. The more you earn, the more houses you can purchase, and the more you can push the clock to develop faster. Use your spoils to discover new homes, and to expand into all new towns.

You have a singular goal: make your towns the best they can be. The bar at the top of the screen measures development – Merge buildings to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your plot for you to develop, which will only allow you to develop your town to even further greatness. Once you develop into new towns, keep an eye on all your land, ensuring that you’re merging and developing to your full potential.

Merge, build, and develop your very own towns with Merge Town!

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Merge Town user reviews :

It’s an awesome time killer, but after some time playing, my phone gets hot and the game starts lagging a lot.. Also recreating is kind of useless, the first time you get 10% more money, but the second time 11%?- Also keeping achievements on reset is a big disadvantage, because achieving them can help earn more money, and once you have the last medal you can’t redeem again, and the achievement gets duplicated but the counter stays at 0. And secondary towns should be more useful like Greenland.

As far as merge games go, it pretty basic. If there’s one thing that’s a big minus for me, it’s that the tabs for the various towns are obnoxiously in the way when I’m moving houses, which is kind of unacceptable when an ad plays every time I accidentally click one of those tabs. I have to play this game exclusively on airplane mode because it kept happening.

To be honest? Pretty good game. I can’t lie. It’s really addicting, I play it at least 3-5 times a day. I’ve unlocked Sunsetland and Winterland and I’m doing very well. The designs of the houses look fantastic, very modern and cute. Even if this game is just tapping, merging, and dragging, it appears to be a really fun and great game when you experience the gameplay.

Very fun to pass the time, the only thing i will say, the button to buy a better house is very tough to use, as in there is a very fine line between pressing the button for too long and to little, and also, i would like it if you could add a zoom scaler, to zoom in or out a little bit, as for when you unlock a lot of space, its tough to see what buildings you are fusing together, but otherwise, a great way to pass the time

In my opinion, it is an okay game. It can kill a lot of time if needed. However, there are some aspects that I really don’t like. I don’t like how pop up ads show up every few minutes. Another thing can be is the fact that if you want to upgrade the level of the crates it gives you, you have to pay. I would probably like it more if the upgrading the crates cost gold or rl money.

It is very difficult to get the buildings you need without having to get a gift. The fact that it costs real money to get an upgrade this is terrible because it will take forever to get to the second town.

This game is fun- I can waste a lot of time with it. It doesn’t make you watch any ads unless you want to and I admire that. Part of the grid hangs over the edge of my pixel 4, causing me to accidentally tab or back out. And the world buttons hang over the other side causing me to change worlds accidentally as well. If this was fixed I would rerate and most likely spend some money.

fact that the graphics are very up-to-date and there’s never a lapse in gaming. There’s a couple more ads than I would like but in saying that that’s the only way you really going to upgrade in the game well that and buying the houses. Overall a really great game to play

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