Make More- Build and upgrade factories and make crazy new products

[Game] Make More

Make MorePopular tactics for playing Make More! include:

Tap – tap – tap – tapping
Click – click – click – clicking

There is a terribly lot of clicking for this to be an idle clicker game

Welcome to the factory business, where you can gain maximum profits on the backs of your hard-working employees!
Oh… I meant congratulations! You are now a factory owner! It’s time to Make More!


HIRE silly workers
TRAIN your workers to work faster
BUILD new factories that make new crazy products
COMPLETE all factories to get mega cool trophies and make the BIG BOSS happy
CAN YOU FIND all the silly workers in the game?

Every factory you build has its own different character. Circus Factory makes sweet cakes and lollipops! Farm Factory produces farm stuff like cows. And poop.

Surprise gift boxes will boost your productivity: You’ll make a fortune a lot faster when the boss gets his cup of coffee! And see your workers go wild with some motivational disco music! There is only one direction to follow: MAKE MORE!

You can play Make More! for free, but it contains optional in-app purchases. Please see your device’s settings if you want to disable in-app purchases completely.

!!Warning!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE CONTENT! Once you start playing Make More!, you can’t put it away!

We’d appreciate if you’d report any issues you’re having with the game to, please include your device make and model.

Make More user reviews :

You need to allow us to save through Facebook or something so we don’t lose progress switching devices. Also what is the point in collections? Im at 89 out of over 400 and see no benefit to collecting them. The event rewards are rubbish, you should get something worth the cash you’ve put into it. I’m on factory 16

One ad is broken, it is impossible to exit, requiring restarting the game and receiving no reward. The cloud save does not save progress of the time challenge mini-game, I lost 57 levels of progress because of that. I bought golden robots on a pocket dial and couldn’t reverse it because of auto cloud save, which can’t be turned off. Poor user experience.

I love this game. I played this game during my childhood and it was amazing. This game made no major updates since when I first played it and is still as good as it used to be. There are so many trophies you can play this game basically forever. On top of all that there are zero ads, all the ads are optional.

Awesome! First app where I went looking to rate it. It’s got cute little touches that make it more enjoyable. You don’t need time to sit there and think about the upgrafes that you are getting because it is easily displayed. Not a big fan of clicker games, I usually take them off right away but this one is looking like it will stay for a bit

Great! This is a really fun game which requires patience. The only suggestion that i would like to share is that it’s really pointless to start over after each trophy. it would be much better if all the factories would stay, and newer factories become more expensive and more challenging, having the option to sell older ones if we wanted to for a good sum of money (that would make the gameplay more realistic). However the game is really great, good job!

Sceptical at first I play a lot of different games from Google Play and I don’t usually leave a review as I find that I tend to lose interest after a short period of time, but this game on the other hand I have really enjoyed so far and I hope that updates continue to make this fun!

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