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Manor Carnie BlastLatonia, an ordinary office worker, up to now has an ordinary life, however, she never gives up to fulfill the brightest childhood dream: that is to run an amusement park!

She could use entertainment facilities freely and enjoy herself in the tourists’ happy faces! Even if it’s just a short period of time!

One day by surprise, Latonia received a letter telling her that a distant relative had left her an inheritance which exactly an amusement park! My goodness!This is not a dream, is it! But when she arrived at the amusement park, she found that things beyond imagination. The amusement park is not that simple, there must be many secrets waiting for Latonia to explore and discover.

A brand new classic match-3 game that both for experienced and novice players!

Unlock and blast powerful boosters!

In the unique bonus levels to collect a large amount of coins and treasures!

Eliminate obstacles and watch out these cute and naughty guys: Bird, Bookcase, Raw Stone, Tapeline, Key Chain, Vase, Safe Box, Mailbox, and Little Bear

Build your own team and more opportunities to win coins, boosters, unlimited life, and props!

Manor Carnie Blast is a free game where you could choose to purchase in game if you encounter difficulties during the game.

Sincerely Dream2Fun team hopes that you will enjoy this new third game puzzle game!

Latonia is working hard to improve it, so if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions while playing the game, please feel free to contact us at: comment[at]

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Manor Carnie Blast user reviews :

Good game, but experience is ruined by excessive ads. Sure, ads are necessary (everybody needs to make a buck). But, the object of the ad is to encourage you to try the app. This game only has two or three ads. Play a dozen game levels you have seen the same ads a score of times. Now, they are no longer informative. They are annoying, and playing the game becomes tedious. I don’t recommend.

Starts off great then gets weird & way more difficult. Around the 100 level mark, it will start randomly shuffling the pieces in the middle of a game, even tho there valid moves you can use. Glitch or cheat? You decide. Not enough moves in upper levels to have a chance of winning, especially with the sudden random shuffling.

Those flying things or drones or w/e they’re called can go at the same target when I have so many of them and very few targets left.. and I end up losing.. that’s one of the dumbest mistakes I’ve seen in a match 3 game.. in addition to forced ads that made me play offline and just fall behind in progress cuz they’re too annoying… Hard and super hard games are easy and normal games are hard.. this game makes absolutely no sense and belongs in a trashcan so I figured a 2-star rating is too much

Think the game is really good, however after the update the daily rewards is glitching.. constantly on day 1.. also when I want to join daily requests etc it freezes and doesn’t let me join… Would give 5 stars if these issues were to be fixed . Thanks

Great looking match 3 skin, but after a dozen levels the app dumped me into a video ad without asking for permission, and for me, that’s an automatic uninstall. Goodbye

Have uninstalled 7 other games because they cheat. They sneak the mové count down, don’t show ads or don’t give you the rewards when you do watch the ads. So far, this is the fairest game I’ve played.

This is good game with lots oflevels to beat.This game gives lots of free coins and free boosters tohelp you win the game.They have good graphic design.When you complete a level you can double your coins by watching a vedeo.

I love the game. One option I like is you can double your coins after 4-5 games. That’s on the bonus round to. Try it out and see for yourself

Not bad, has all the features I like. Your cute little avatar, however does nothing, what’s up with that? The game is fun like all the rest. Get’s expensive later on. All-in-all, good game! Name is lacking something.

Fun and addicting. End up staying awake late because I get wrapped up in this game. Great graphics. Thanks for this game!!

Fun,I like sam’s gift.just one question does the puzzles change it would nice if the puzzles didn’t repeat it self

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