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Mansions of MadnessA companion app for the Mansions of Madness Second Edition board game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Mansions of Madness is a cooperative board game of investigation and horror inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. During each game, one to five players explore a location to unravel a mystery.

This companion app guides you through the haunted halls and misty alleyways of Arkham in stories of varied length and difficulty. In addition, investigators need to overcome various challenges, including fending off terrible creatures, befriending non-player characters, and solving puzzles.

Mansions of Madness user reviews :

I don’t understand why the save system is so useless. I mean,at the moment the only things that it saves, are the puzzle and monster damage. For the rest i have to take pictures anyway. Why can’t i put a hologram of monsters and heroes when exiting,then click each hero and have a text box where to write their possessions and curses? It would be a great and complete feature instead of a marketing one.

There is no user login so all purchases are locked to The client which purchases was made in. So no transfering dlc from Steam to app store and Vice versa! It does not have an undo button for actions, which is a shame. Message log helps. Very ramdomly bugs out and a message just shows empty and you’ll have no idea what should read

Would like to suggest a nnending record that we already archive it. And show how many ending each story have. To have a goal to play though for each ending.

Love the game and the app is great. One thing I’d really appreciate the development team doing would be to add an option to disable certain puzzle types. My play group and I are just awful at the sliding picture puzzles and it makes us feel just kinda stuck. I’d also suggest a way to disable puzzles altogether just to give the option, or make it cost X clues to auto succeed. Usually this is the kind of thing we could handle with house rules but we’re stuck here because of the app integration.

Small selection for the price. Very fun but only 4 scenarios come with the price of the game. I’ve started the game over multiple times and have only seen 1 other variation so far, just let us choose it if there really are different maps in each scenario. Replayability suffers when it’s the same exact thing, which drops the value of the game for me. Big reason it dropped to 2 stars is the raplayability. Not all figures have a piece to fit into the stands, narration throughout would be great, etc

The app is amazing and adds a whole new flair to the original version of the game. Makes game play more fluid and the flavor texts are a great addition. If there was one thing I wish this app could do would have the ability to cast from my phone or tablet to my TV. This would help with other players being able to read all of the text and actions instead of having to read everything aloud.

I have no issues with the app. It does a wonderful job. I would add voice to every text though. Anyway, my only big issue is the limited scenarios for such a high value purchase, and the randomisation of the maps. The randomisation could have been much better (i own 3expansions). The ability to create your own scenarios would have been an amazing added value to the board game. It may have been one of the best board games out there and its a shame not to be because of this

An excellent companion to the game, but still lacking some features that would make it exceptional. For example, it should have icons for the investigators to allow players to click them to denote that their turns are complete (and then the app could un-select them to start each new round). It could also allow for the investigators and monsters to be shown on the map so that the AI could better help players navigate through where the monsters move, how far they move, who’s in range, which monsters trigger a horror check and much more. Perhaps the biggest concern is that you have to buy into a platform. DLC purchased for this app will not work anywhere else. I’d rather see an Asmodee login to the app that knows what DLC I own and allow me to use that on any platform.

Like a few others pointed out.. first we need an undo button, like please.. I had to start scenarios over because of it!!Narration of all texts would have been neat.. Randomization of the tiles could have been better.. it says it does.. I have not seen it yet. I get the same outline everytime. Makes the scenario very predictable! And for the LOVE OF GOD, I own the second edition plus an expansion and yet, in total, i have 7 scenarios only, + the 3 you can purchase.. add more scenarios please!

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