Backgammon Plus – Race your checkers to the end

[Game] Backgammon Plus

Backgammon PlusStep up to the board! Play a game of classic backgammon by yourself or against friends in this new mobile app.

Hone your back gammon skills against other players in this new app from Zynga games! Experience the thrill of classic board games at any time, with a free backgammon app. Race your checkers to the end to become the lord of the board, and prove you’re the best player of backgammon online.

Backgammon is one of the ancient board games in the world, and its popularity has survived for centuries. Get in on the cultural phenomenon by downloading this authentic Backgammon app. Whether you’re a first time player, or seasoned pro, Backgammon Plus will have a rewarding play experience for you!

Beat daily challenges to earn fantastic rewards in this backgammon plus mobile game. Perfect your skills in this worldwide game. Travel around the world with similar iterations of backgammon, such as tawla, nardi, takhte, and tavla. Experience the thrill of backgammon free, with this new app. Even without wifi you’ll be able to play backgammon offline in this new app.

Prove you have what it takes to best all challengers in this race game. Guide your checkers around the board in a game of contrary movement, to become the first player to bear off. If you feel like taking this dice game challenge to the next level, break out the doubling cube. Whether you are a true beginner, or a backgammon expert, this app has what you need for a fun, competitive backgammon experience.

How To Play
New to backgammon? Don’t worry, this is the right backgammon live app to learn the game.

Each player starts with 15 checkers. You will roll the dice, and move your checkers between 24 points on the backgammon+ board, based on the number you rolled. The goal is to be the first player to ‘bear off’, or, remove all your pieces from the board. Double your backgammon free stakes by activating the doubling cube.

Enjoy the fun of Backgammon with your friends. Connect to Facebook to share your progress with your friends, and track how they do!

Sharpen your mind with this classic board game. While the dice play a factor in deciding the winner, you’ll find that the more talented player will eventually be able to take control. Will you be able to assert your dice game dominance to become the backgammon lord of the board?

Get in the game every day to collect more rewards. Complete challenges to earn daily bonuses, and spin the wheel for hourly bonuses.

Customize your backgammon experience with different dice and board designs

With devout attention to the authentic look and feel of the game, it will feel like you’re sitting right down at the board!

Download Backgammon Plus to play with your friends. Or, challenge other random players online to see how you stack up.

Play online or offline as you hone your Backgammon skills wherever and whenever you have the time!

Experience real-world backgammon physics. With meticulously drawn boards, and truly random dice rolls, you will feel like you’re sitting down at the board!

Backgammon Plus user reviews :

Good game and good graphics but disappointing. It’s realy unfair. The opponent can get many doubles and hit my lonlely peice and get the convenient number where I locked all of them except one. I lose because the game decided that not luck

Everything was fine until I updated, now it doesn’t work well, it hangs

Something is going wrong you can’t win against the computer ,it roll your dice too.

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