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Run, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks! Not enough? There is much more in Manuganu. Avoid swinging hammers and jump over moving ice blocks. Don’t get burned and jump between walls to collect coins and medallions. Break stone blocks and activate platforms before you fall into fog and much more…


Manuganu is a 3D side- scroller running game, in which you control the boy “Manuganu”.
Unlike other usual running games, Manuganu brings on the “Halt feature” to avoid swinging rocks, hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing. Another important feature of Manuganu is the ability to switch from “running” mode to “rope climbing” mode when needed. But be careful! This mode has its own challenges.


Platforming Actions: Double Jumping, Wall Sliding, Hovering, Wall Jumping, Rolling, Breaking Stone Blocks
Run through 30 different levels, each with it’s own unique design according to the level theme.
Two button controls and specific swipe controls.
Run into alternate paths to get 3 Star in all Levels.
Three different environments with full 3D graphics.
Original Soundtrack by Tolga YURDABAK
Turkish-English Language Support

Manuganu user reviews :

Lol i cant even find any mistake in this game everything is just perfect but i wish it could have a little bit more levels so that we can enjoy it more afterall everything is good the levels , hardness, graphics , animation all are just so good and the thing i like the most is that this game is offline and does not contain any purchases with money great job!

Good game, but I’d be better if the buttons were customisable. The jump and stop buttons are so small that sometimes I try to click them but can’t and end up losing. Otherwise, great game.

Minus 1 star because there is an ad after every single level restart, no matter how much time have passed between the restarts. Minus another star because there is a bug – when you jump and then hit the stop button the character should stop immediatelly after landing, but it doesn’t. This is reproducable at the first obstacle at level 10. Fix those 2 things and you get 5 stars from me.

Ahh this game brings back memories, I used to play manuganu with my friend all the time on my smartphone! Downloading the game again took me back in time. anyways onto the main topic, this game is INCREDIBLE not to mention that it came out a decade ago and still has amazing graphics! It’s super challenging at times but fairly addicting, worth your while if you ask me

It’s not the best game from this developer, although I can’t say it’s bad. I enjoyed jumping and avoiding obstacles. I collected all the stars so I’m pretty sure I completed the game in 100%. The graphics are quite average, nothing surprising. Manuganu is also pretty short, up to 2 hours of gameplay. The title is not revolutionary but it’s worth playing.

t sometimes crashes and sometimes, because the buttons are too low, you miss some platformes but other than that i think it’s a very nice game. Btw, you do realise that you can stop the ads just by closing your internet right?

Here’s why: only forward-scrolling, have little control of the character, an ad after every level. I gave 3 stars for the graphics, which are good.

Excellent. I completed the game. Very great. Time to move on to the next one.

Both this one and Manuganu 2 are extremely fun games. 2 of the best i have played, but so short. With such awesome games….why havent levels been added? or Manuganu 3? Would give 5 stars if games werent so short. Folks……u can instantly stop any ads….for no cost!…..just hot back button when they start!!

Entertaining game all the way to the end. The glide ability was my favourite. If you are reading this play it. Every stage gets more challenging as you go on and it never fails to surprise you.

It’s the best game I have ever seen it works so good and also I have being playing this since my 5th grade and now I am in 8th grade 2019 it so interesting and some times if we fail to do the level and we retry, it’s amazing but usually in other games if we retry it gets boring but in this game u will to know what is the level and u will be prepared which is cool and some times when I read the reviews of other apps it so bad but how much ever bad u tell this app but for me it’s the best game

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