Marble Duel – Be the first to destroy chains of magic spheres

[Game] Marble Duel

Marble Duel

Match three spheres of the same color in a row to clear the level first!

Play in story mode or complete levels together with your friends!

The game’s heroine finds herself in a wondrous world full of magic, where all fights with the forces of evil involve magic spheres. Match rows of 3 same-colored spheres, solve puzzles, and defeat all enemies!

Marble Match 3 is a new twist on the match-3 genre:

You and your opponent battle each other on the same board.
Be the first to destroy chains of magic spheres!
A precision shot will deal damage, or restore health.
Put together powerful combos and disrupt your enemy’s plans.
Meet interesting characters. Expect the most unexpected allies.

For each opponent you beat, you’ll earn points you can use to upgrade your abilities. Improve your character by upgrading your health, attack power, or your defensive spells.

Learn the destructive magic of the spheres, upgrade it, and you’ll become the most powerful mage!

You can shatter gems and solve match-3 puzzles with a dark fairy tale story in English, for free and without connecting to the Internet. Offline match-3 games now available for smartphones.

Do you want to enjoy more offline puzzles and match-3 games?

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Marble Duel user reviews :

I love this game. Never a dull moment for sure. A little disappointed as there are only 177 levels. Hopefully more are coming soon. Keep up the awesome work.

It a very enjoyable game. Very addictive. Good graphics Little 2 sensitive sometimes shoots even if u dont ask it too. Love the game otherwise. Highly recommended

An innovative, challenging and entertaining take on marble popping games. The clear and colorful graphics add much to the game’s value. While I’ve had some difficulty positioning the shooter before it fires the sphere, this is a minor problem in an otherwise excellent app. Well worth a try.

If you had the option to play this game solo and not with an opponent every time it would be perfect. Having to play against an opponent every time slows things down and this game is supposed to be fast paced. Great graphics.

  • Hello! Many thanks for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you like the game. We will forward your comments to our developers!

Wait, you’ve guaranteed that nothing’s gonna erase our prior achievement data (in Marble Duel). But, later installing the new version called Marble Match 3. All my achievements got erased, what’s going on @HeroCraft? I lost all my data.

  • Hi! Thank you so much for being so interested in the game. We are really sorry that you were faced with this problem. Please contact us at support[at], describe the problem as detailed as possible. We will help you!

The game is amazing and i really love it. Am so Eager for the next level as I have already reached is there anymore level coming up?

Hey! We are working on new levels. Thank you for staying with us!

I like everything about this game

It’s a fantastic game

I love this game. Been playing it from PC to phone to tablet.

Like the game, but how do I start this game completely over? Not from where I stopped.

  • Hello! Thank you for your interest and the question. To reset the current game you need to open the main menu, tap the three points button and choose the round arrow button. But in this case, you will lose all coins, bonuses and purchases.

No new levels sence 1 year

  • Hello! Thank you for 5 stars. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. We will forward your suggestion to our developers. While you are waiting for the new levels, please, do check out our other games. We hope you will like something!

I like the game so much

  • Hello, Fatima! Thank you for your review, happy to hear that you like the game! What can we do to get five stars

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