Marsaction 2 – Mars awaits its hero

[Game] Marsaction 2 – Space Homestead

Marsaction 2In the year 2253, humanity’s frontier extends beyond the familiar blue skies, reaching out to the dusty red expanse of Mars.

Your time has come to make your mark on Mars and establish the Homestead for your fellow citizens.

Your mission is clear: land on the hostile terrain of Mars, eradicate the menacing Swarm, and establish a bastion of human civilization on the alien world. These bug-like adversaries will stop at nothing to overrun your forces. But with advanced mecha soldiers and powerful tech at your disposal, you are more than equipped to rise to the challenge.

Do you have the strategic mind, the courage, and the leadership to forge a new home for humanity? Join the adventure now and take the first step into the vast unknown. Mars awaits its hero!


Booming Base Building
Clear territories of hostile Swarms and construct your Space Homestead, a beacon of human creativity. Design your base layout, optimize resource production, and ensure your colony’s survival against the relentless alien planet.

Advanced Mecha Warfare
Take command of a variety of mecha units. Customize and upgrade your mecha to match your tactical preferences, ensuring that your army is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Dynamic Force Growth
Progress through the game to unlock new technologies, units, and upgrades. Train your soldiers, equip your Captain, recruit powerful Heroes, and evolve your tactics to become the ultimate Martian commander.

Expansive Mars Exploration
Mars is a world of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Navigate through treasure-filled landscapes, find rare resources, and encounter mysterious ruins. Each discovery propels your force further into the unknown, securing your place on the red planet.

Strategic Alliance Cooperation
Forge alliances with fellow Generals from around the world. Collaborate to conquer shared objectives, support each other’s homesteads, and coordinate in massive alliance wars. Together, you can dominate Mars as a united force.


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Marsaction 2 user reviews :

Well the presentation is good. The story seems fun and the expedition heroes are interesting and unique.However I am not sure I see a lot of long term play in this game for me. It seems very money intensive to speed up game play. I prefer the option of free play without interrupting game play. For me the balance between being pay to win versus free play is off. So unfortunately I won’t be playing this for long like some other games I play.

I just started the game, but so far so good. So far no major problems. My only dislike is that some of the units and what they produce are too close together…I have to go tap crazy to get what I produced. The game also lacks sufficient tutorials for some things, leaving me lost until I chance upon an answer or get info through the chat system. I didn’t give it a 5-star rating for that reason, as there is always room for improvement and there are bugs that still need to be worked out.

I was intrigued during my first 2 or 3 hours playing this game and I had very high expectations about where it would take me. But it very quickly turned into a MASSIVELY convoluted mess with quite literally HUNDREDS of objectives, and tasks, and activities, and missions, all which are inter-dependent on completion of other tasks first, and the game takes no time to explain how one is supposed to do any of the various things that are “required” of you. Plus no activities are “fun”.

  • We are always striving to improve your experience. Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions by writing to us at mars2_support[at] We will make more improvements and hope you can enjoy our game in the future.

This is a good game and enjoyable but suffers from aggressive monetization. This game and Last War:Survival are basically the same game engine with a few different mini games. Wouldn’t be bad if the game was at all interested in creating fun. It isn’t. The entire game is a rail designed to hook you in and extract as much money as possible as fast as possible. Dark patterns galore.

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