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QuizDuelQuizDuel takes your trivia knowledge to the next level!

Challenge your brain and test your reflexes as you play games against friends and players from around the world! Come and join 200 million players in QuizDuel!

Boost your trivia skills in our new Solo Mode! Progress through Solo Quests to beat the Boss and be your best!

Love playing games with other players? Challenge random players in the arena or challenge your friends in a classic game! Take part in quiz matches that jump start your smarts as you race to beat other players to the correct answers.

Hundreds of thousands of trivia questions across 20+ categories, means your brain will get a serious workout in the most addictive quiz & trivia game out there!

SOLO MODE – beat the boss and build your skills!
-test your skills in fun categories
-progress through chapters
-practice your skills and reach new heights
Beat The Boss and earn rewards!

ARENA – the ultimate challenge!
-play exciting categories that change daily
-battle and compete with up to four other arena players at a time
-the faster you guess correctly, the more you’ll score and the higher you’ll climb on the leaderboard
Climb to the top of the leaderboards to win big!

EVENTS – fun special trivia!
Even more fun with weekly and monthly special quizzes curated around the hottest topics and occasions.

CLASSIC – challenge friends and family!
Play one-on-one against friends or random opponents classic-game style!

Curated weekly and monthly special quizzes

Build your own custom avatar to show off your style
Earn collectible badges to earn and show-off on your profile

Easy to play, with a huge variety of trivia and quizzes to enjoy. QuizDuel is the perfect brain training game! Get quizzing!

Join the big QuizDuel family and follow us on social media for special events and content:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/QuizDuelGame/
Twitter: @QuizDuel

QuizDuel has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously!

Join a global audience of more than 200 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit games like Wordzee, Word Domination, or Ruzzle!

Learn more about MAG Interactive at our homepage: www.maginteractive.com .

Good Times!

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QuizDuel user reviews :

great app, although the ads are extremely annoying because they appear after every round. the questions also repeat themselves a lot, sometimes you can get get the same question twice within one minute. there should be much more variation.

Sometimes I get a black screen instead of an ad to keep my process. I can’t do anything, so I have to close the app. (Happens often in this quiz fire or whatever it’s called) Afterwards the app takes away the energy I have used and the in-game currency i have spent on that try, but doesn’t let me keep my progress. Got annoying

Sure, the questions are fine, but too many ads. It gives you ads after basically every single game you play against someone, which is 3 questions. Lessen the ads.

Adverts too long, but this app is addictive so I shrug this off. Questions are repetitive, but I like how it becomes a test of memory rather than trivia.

The game itself works well and is fun to play. The only part that interrupts the enjoyment are the constant ads that play. If there was a permanent ad removal option, that would be amazing. Otherwise, it’s a good game.

Not even nostalgia can save what has become of this app. The amount of ads is overwhelming, to a point where the VIP option feels like it’s being forced on you. Enjoying the game seems downright impossible without it. An ad less than every 30 seconds… As a casual player, I didn’t even manage 10 minutes without having to consider VIP, and in this case, I preferred to uninstall.

  • Hello Luca! In classic duels it should be possible to skip the ads after a maximum of 5 seconds. However, in order to get free matches in the arena, the ads must be watched until the end (30 seconds maximum). If you encounter a 30-second long ad in classic mode, please report it to us at qdsupport[at]maginteractive.com.

Still is fun, BUT: Ads are annoying, prices seems SOMETIMES steep (Arena seems to be pay2win with 10c a round?). I willingly paid 2€ to activate some stuff. But since “next” and “pay & next” are on the same spot. I accidentally wasted 1 Euro, thinking I was clicking on a regular “next” (happens every few seconds). Instead I was paying to advance faster – which I didn’t want and wasn’t warned about. Sure, I don’t want my money back. But with issues like that I’ll just stop playing the game AGAIN.

  • You may have noticed we recently began adjusting some of the ways Arena works. It’s a work in progress so please bear with us! Our goal is to create a more enjoyable and balanced game experience for more users. Your feedback is welcome; it plays an important role in how we improve this game mode! We’re excited for you to play the final result.

I really like this game and the new features are also great. I would give it 5 stars but there are SO MANY ads, it takes away from the gaming fun. I know people who stopped playing after two rounds because they were so annoyed by the ads. I understand that the free version needs to show some ads and that’s totally fine but after every round and always a video? No. That’s just way too much. I would buy the ad free version if it were a one time payment but over 5€ a month is too expensive.

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