Martian Immigrants – Expand your base to accommodate more survivors

[Game] Martian Immigrants – Idle Mars

Martian ImmigrantsAs an astronaut stranded on Mars, your main objective is to survive and thrive in this challenging game. Here’s a guide on how to survive:

Generate Power: Maintaining various devices is crucial, so you need to find a way to generate electricity. This can be achieved through solar panels, wind turbines, or other power sources available on Mars.

Secure Resources: You must find food, water, and other essential supplies to sustain yourself. Explore the surroundings to gather resources like plants, minerals, and water deposits. Develop strategies to extract and store these resources efficiently.

Expand Your Base: As you progress, expand your base to accommodate more survivors. This involves constructing additional structures, living quarters, and facilities to support the growing population. Each survivor brings unique skills and abilities, so recruit more astronauts to enhance your chances of survival.

Produce Oxygen: Develop systems to produce sufficient amounts of oxygen to support the colonization plan. This can be achieved through the cultivation of plants or the utilization of oxygen-generating equipment.

Defend Against Spore Invasions: Mars is inhabited by dangerous spores that can harm both humans and infrastructure. Build defensive structures and implement countermeasures to protect your base from spore invasions. Research and develop new technologies to improve your defenses.

Factories and Farms: Establishing factories and farms on Mars is paramount. These facilities will provide the necessary supplies and food. Through effective resource management, ensure their operation.

Planet Exploration: Mars is a planet full of challenges and discoveries. Every decision you make will impact your survival and growth on Mars.

This game combines elements of space exploration, factory management, farm cultivation, and space station construction, providing you with a comprehensive gaming experience. On this unfamiliar planet, you’ll face various challenges, evolving to become a pioneer and leader on Mars.

Remember, perseverance and resource management are key to your survival. Good luck in your journey to establish a successful colony on Mars!


1.Combination of simulation (SIM) and light role-playing game (RPG) elements.
2.Simple and relaxed 3D graphics style.
3.Explore the map to collect various mineral resources.
4.Construct defensive fortifications to fend off spore invasions.
5.Recruit more astronauts as companions to aid in your survival.

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Martian Immigrants user reviews :

My main problem is that sometimes you close the game and your changes (like pioneers position) aren’t saved, I would love a “manual save” option, to make sure all my last changes are ok when I reenter the game. Currently, I keep a minute or two before closing the game, and some times, don’t work at all. Overall, still giving five stars, and looking forward to play on the next planet, “Kepler”. Please update soon.

The invasion ends when not every buildings are destroyed, nor even when the timer runs out. It’s becoming annoying when the rolly alien is almost defeated when the invasion time has only 40 secs left and only 2 buildings damaged. Then the invasion ends abruptly. My missile defences almost taken care of it! Edit they are behind the defence points though.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. Regarding defense issues, a resource point building can be moved behind the defense point to control the route of the Zerg invasion. Please contact our developer email to provide more information.

Love the game! One suggestion/request, though. A feature to have pioneer presets would be very nice. Having pioneers always stationed at defense buildings is a waste when there’s no attack coming, and when there is an attack coming, I have to manually take pioneers off of buildings to put them on defense buildings. Having a preset feature to switch between “Defense mode”/”Working mode” would be a very nice quality of life feature! The presets should be fully customizable for each player though.

It’s a pretty good game, nice graphics, but has a bunch of problems. Going ad free was a huge mistake as it slows down progress, and you miss a lot of rewards which can now only be earned by paying gems instead of watching an ad. It’s definitely not idle, nothing happens when you’ve not got the game open, barely any resource production, buildings don’t build, you come back and your pretty much where you left it with a few extra resources. So it’s pretty broken as it is.

Starting with positive things. Nice graphic with beautiful animations. Catchy gameplay, challenging resources management (It can be done). Overall satisfying gameplay. Now negatives. Playing it for free it’s basically AD simulator. You spend more time watching ads than playing game. Game not progressing while you are not playing it so no “Idle”. I bought “AD free” and I have to buy “work efficiency” for gems which feels like disadvantage. Tech locked behind gems also not feels good

It’s a good game but it needs a bit tweeking when it comes to character routines as the characters would get stuck sometimes and also would leave their stations when there is a attack for oxygen or food also the characters keep on dying due to lack of oxygen when there is ample amount in reserve the characters would not go to get the oygen and eventually die otherwise the game is very good and please add some more interactive things in as it is getting boring playing things for for hours

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