Cat diner – Become the most successful franchise store in the world

[Game] Cat diner – Franchise tycoon

Cat dinerWould you like to come inside? There will be good things going to happen, Nyan!

Where is the delicious smell coming from? Look!
The cats make Fried Chicken, Pizza, and burgers in the Cat’s Kitchen!
Making those delicious foods with cute kitty cats and earning a lot of money, Nyan!

Expand your store and become the most successful franchise store in the world!

Game instruction Nyan!

Easy and Simple controls!
Without any difficult level of controls, you can play the game using a move-pad only!
Able to play with one hand! Even the cat can play games with their paws.

Let’s make food!
Of course, to earn money, we have to make food, Nyan! Let’s try to make delicious foods that make our customers happy.

Choose your store!
Donuts, Chicken, and burgers ~~ you can choose the food to sell.
Make your store an international franchise!

Sell the food and earn money!
You can earn a lot of money by selling various delicious foods.
Look! That customer is trying to give us a tip. What a windfall, Nyan!
Remember, you must always clean the table to make another customer sit.

If you are busy, you must borrow even a cat’s paw!
It is hard to manage the store alone….
Hire cute cat workers to make it easier to manage the store, Nyan!
And you can upgrade cute cat workers to enhance their work abilities.

Do not forget Drive-thru customers!
A lot of customers visit our store to buy and eat donuts.
But, the number of tables is fixed in the store!
Open Drive-thru to secure customers and earn more money, Nyan!

The ‘Cat’s Kitchen’ game will cause you to have a heart attack!
Let’s play now, Nyan!

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Cat diner user reviews :

It’s probably one of the most relaxing and satisfying casual games I’ve ever played. The graphics and sounds are on point and it’s easy to play. As for things I’d suggest changing, probably move the optional ads out of the way, because you accidentally step on them all the time and they’re very annoying (or just make them disappear after I refuse to watch them). And also, I have finished all three franchises in 2 days and I don’t really know what to do anymore. The game is lovely though

Banner add and pop up add before the game even started?! That’s insane. Can’t imagine the amount of adds when you get to actually play. One star, uninstall.

Has potential but £10.99 to remove only the forced and banned ads but not the optional ads is too steep

It’s the same as other games just with cats and extra restaurants.

add more , events , customizations to business and workers.

These cats are so cute,this game might be one of the most cutest game I’ve ever played it’s just so cute and the details to the cat is also so good I would recommend u to play this game

This game is a good game for a cat person just like me

I’m not sure yes I do airplane star I don’t know how it ,. Maria & lorenza

was fun and cute up until i got an ad in the middle of walking around the shop

this is a great app‼️ Can you please update this game, Im already done with the quest, I realy love this GAME

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