Match Puzzle House – Find the best way to complete the mission.

[Game] Match Puzzle House

Match Puzzle House Enjoy playing 3 match puzzle with decorating house.
Decorate desired house interior by breaking through stages.

How to operate
Remove the blocks by matching 3 pieces of the same color.
Match 4 or more pieces of the same color to change as a booster.
Complete missions and break through the stages.
The game is over when consumed all given moves by stage.
Find the best way to complete the mission.

Game Feature
Various obstacles and thousands of levels are provided.
Easy to control, simple rules, and one-handed play.
Prepared attracting and interesting story of Lily and Gerard.
Decorate house with luxury furniture, lighting, flooring and various decor.
Compete with other users in rank and get additional rewards by increasing ranking.
Various content and rewards are available such as missions and races.
Use booster items to break through the stages more easily!

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Match Puzzle House user reviews :

Cannot match 4 in a square for a booster like most games boosters need to be more distinct cause they blend in with the other pieces needs a skip button after game so you dont have to sit thru that and the decoration part is backwards, first you have to remove the old furniture before you can decorate which means you are wasting stars you collect for that task gameplay is low grade and I am not impressed at all feels like a kids game uninstalling

This is a fun game if you like decoration which I do. I only gave it a four out of star five star rating because I don’t believe that they have enough colors to decorate the way you actually want to decorate. I think I would enjoy the game a lot more if there were more color schemes involved. Otherwise, have fun like I am

Enjoyable game, difficulty just right. Like the colorful graphics. Still have to do some decor/renovation though, saving up stars so will update later, I suppose. So far, no ads so that’s really a plus..

So far, so good. If you like match 3 games, this one is okay. No forced ads so far, which I appreciate. English translation is a bit clumsy, but they get the point across. Update: After 15 levels, an ad after every game, but they are short.

My first time playing this particular one. But i got a feeling it will turn out like the others. It only lets you get so far then they make it nearly impossible to reach your goal. You run out of moves before you get to your goal. Then you also run out of lives to. So you cant play till you get one.

Challenging, exciting and full of surprises. I especially like the how the boosters blow up at the end of the game and you also get boosters for leftover turns. Love it!

I love playing this new game! I don’t like some of those games that they make it almost impossible to play them or beat the levels. This game is easier, and is enjoyable.

It’s OK but it could be a bit more harder to play maybe as you get more up the level of the game and more clearer colour of the wall choice or flooring and walls not just pink?

I am on level 16 and I just amazed at how quickly it’s goes fast for you when you play ing it I think think it will be a long time before I delete this one and if you try it let me know in the cammot down below and I can find out what I thought what level u were on when it asked u that send tme

It’s a good game, as levels go higher it gets harder, it would be nice if you could up the coins won the higher the level you go

Really liking this game so far. I’m hoping that it remains playable and I won’t suddenly start getting hit with ads. Time will tell & will reflect my findings.

Not been playing that long but so far liking the game it’s fun to play just hope the match 3 games don’t get to difficult if they do might have to let it go

Love the game and the decorating choices are great love the colors and the storyline great graphics

Challenging yet fun to play. I have found the trick and now the game is fabulous.

Good so far still trying to work it out. However early stage will change it as I progress then a full report

Just start playing this game and I’m enjoying it easy to understand can’t put my phone down. Thanks for making a disabled lady happy ( me ) God Bless you

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