Rise of Stars – Become a great conqueror

[Game] Rise of Stars


Participate in the resource wars of the galaxy to obtain crypto!
Use the crypto to expand your influence and conquer the galaxy.
Become a great conqueror and live the life of P2E!

Game features

Mine the crypto of ROS, silther particles, to play to earn!
Mine silther particles at the silther particle planets.
Silther particles are vital materials for Warship Carrier production, high tier buildings and warships.
Also, bind these particles into silthereum to play to earn.

Become a great conqueror with the first NFT Warship Carrier of ROS!
Only Warship Carriers can mine silther particles.
Warship Carriers are divided into 4 types: Damage, Defense, Mining, and Speed.
Warship Carriers also give your fleet various buffs and increase the mining ability so they are vital when mining or fighting.

Participate in huge wars to claim massive amounts of silthereum!
Grow stronger with your alliance and work together to conquer planets that give powerful buffs. Then, conquer the Council to become the most influential group within your server. Only the greatest alliance can obtain silthereum.

Become a great admiral!
Admirals represent you and other players. Give them various equipment and upgrade their skills to make them powerful and epic!

Explore the mysterious Space with your own hands!
Build a Base in an unexplored Space out of the Earth. Various facilities such as Command center, Radar center, Workshop, drones, and beautiful background of the vast Space are waiting for you.

Build a powerful Warship!
40 realistic warships under your command to conquer the battlefield. There are 4 types of warships: destroyer, freighter, corvette, and frigate. Each type can be upgraded up to tier 10. Build a powerful warship.

Deploy your fleet with an unique Captains!
A warship pilot, undercover spy, genius hacker, security robot, and other unique captains are waiting for your command. Experience various captains with unique background stories, full voice over, unique ability, and skills.

Launch your armada in the Rise of Stars!

Official Channel
Check out the various events and development details at the official channel.
Brand Page: www.riseofstars.io/
Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiseofStarsGame
Official Discord: discord.gg/ros
Official Twitter: twitter.com/ROS_riseofstars

Privacy Policy: docs.lightcon.net/policy/bc_en.html#tab3

Recommended requirements: Android 8 or later. 3GB of RAM or more.

Rise of Stars user reviews :

I previously had a review posted that the developers have since deleted from this page, but anyhow. The game at its core has a good concept however the developers have failed to implement a battle system to stop whales from completely eliminating smaller players from the map. Most recent updates have been glitchy at best and you can tell they have moved to a “TOP UP NOW” model and that isnt acceptable. Overall id recommend giving it a try but if you see a whale in your server, QUIT

  • Hi Admiral. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Our team is aware that some aspects of the game are making the game difficult for new users, and are discussing different solutions that can be implemented. We’ll make sure to announce updates on the progress.

Update was working great then you updated bug fix and optimize…now wont do anything..stuck on you need to update even after downloading the update…so now im stuck either uninstalling and reinstalling or just deleting it completely….after spending weeks building up my base..

  • Hi Admiral. We apologize for the connection issue. If you already tried to reinstall the app, please reach us at ros_cs[at]wemade.com and we’ll be able to help you from there. Thank you.

Game is fun. But it’s already maintenance complete why still my game app says game is not available due to maintenance when connecting to the game. Please fix. Thanks

  • Hi Admiral. We extended the last maintenance due to server stabilization issues, but you should now be able to connect to the game again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you run into any problems while playing. Thank you.

It’s just okay. Another common clone of the already heavily saturated kingdom SLG genre. Base is just prefixed buildings presented as modular but they aren’t. Base does not take part in battles. Ships are simplified units with prefixed stats. No ship designing feature wherein position of module and module type results in brilliance. It’s just stock ships. Rated 2.5 out of 5. Giving this 3 because it’s from South Korea.

  • Hello Admiral. Thank you for the review and feedback. We’ll make sure to consider your review to improve our game and announce updates on the progress.

I waited to give this a rating until I knew for sure what to put here… This is a fun easy to play game, though the volatility of the gameplay is deceiving. You spawn and upgrade your ships, and if you are attacked, they can be PERMANENTLY destroyed. It would have been nice TO KNOW THIS before spending a dime on this game.Not cool. I’ll be playing this ONLY because I’m invested now, not because it’s fun.Losing your upgrades like that is not fun not cool.Make it obv that can permanently losethem

  • Hello Admiral, We would like to apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. We always welcome new ideas and suggestions to improve our gameplay experience. Kindly contact us through our in-game Customer Support Center or via email (ros_cs[at]wemade.com) Thank you.

Latest Update :

Bug Fixes and System Stabilization

Contact developer :


Video :

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