Matchday Football Manager – Climb to the top of the soccer manager world

[Game] Matchday Football Manager

Matchday Football ManagerBecome a football manager. Assemble a squad of football superstars and climb to the top of the soccer manager world.

This is a new and fresh football manager game. This is a football management game unlike any other.

Take charge of your own club built around you. Play matches when YOU want. Test your football manager credentials against players from around the world in exclusive live competitions.

Assemble a squad of real-world football superstars, pick the tactics and make match-winning substitutions as you attempt to climb to the top of the soccer manager pyramid.

You’ll design the kit, build the stadium, and nurture your players. There are so many ways to improve your team and become the best soccer manager!

You’ll be matched against a real opponent in every game! Fight your way to the top of the league and try to win promotion. You’ll need to master your tactics if you want to be the best footballer manager!

Qualify for the top competitions and make split-second soccer manager decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting live PvP matches!

Procedurally-generated landscapes mean your stadium is completely unique to you, and that no two away matches will ever be alike!

Come out on top, eleven players on the pitch and one football manager. Be the best in this awesome football management game.

This football management game features:
Multiplayer matches.
Unique stadium locations for every team.
Train your players like a professional soccer manager.
Test your football management skills.

Now the time to improve your football management skills in this exciting new football game.

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Matchday Football Manager user reviews :

Actually really fun, pvp but not online constantly, packs are simple and premium credits are easy to get if you play regularly, no ads unless you want to, dont even have to pay to win. Few minor issues: 1. Birds eye view doesnt stay when scoring a goal 2. Extra time isnt always enough for subs 3. Sometimes you score slightly after the attack on a full time whistle 4. Game struggles to load more frequently than before

  • Hi there, thanks for your review. We take any errors that our users experience very seriously. Please send a support ticket to support[at] with the details and we’ll look into it.

This game is a really nice game and have a lot of potential. But I have a few issues… First, why am I playing against opponents in mid air with no ground or pitch or stadium. Second, opponents in the cup game are twice better than me even though I am just starting and lastly how do I get rid of the countless ads and one more thing, is there a way I can save my progress to google play games?

Been playing for a while now, enjoying the game apart from the win loss ratio, however, I finished playing earlier today, I was 8/9th in the super league with 3 league titles and a cup win to my name, went to start playing again tonight, all deleted, and I have to start again. Is there a way where I can ha e all my progress back please. Many thanks. Noel.

  • Hi there, thanks for your review. We take any errors that our users experience very seriously. Please send a support ticket to support[at] with the details and we’ll look into it.

Was enjoying it immensely until 4 games in to a new season it refuses to load up. Can’t get past the “entering the tunnel” load up screen. It’s a shame. I am hopeful that this technical issue will be resolved

  • Hey there, we’re really sorry. We encountered a technical issue yesterday evening which caused an outage but the problem should now be fixed if you try again.

Hello, just want to congratulate the developer for this most entertaining football or if you are American Soccer game, I was nervous because of some of the reviews it has received. But to honest I think it is up there with Top Eleven. I enjoy it not spent real money yet but you don’t get penalised for not spending real money. just watch your kids as some expensive in app purchases if you wish to go BIG. well done to All involved.

Good concept of football management for a f2p game. The animations need work; players get through on goal but don’t shoot or they run it out of play. Players don’t seem to cross the ball either

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