Mayday Memory – A time where people can buy and sell memories

[Game] Mayday Memory – CHOICE SF Otome

Mayday Memory  Mayday Memory : Plot Summary

Year of 2099, a time where people can buy and sell memories.
Vigil, the PI office that never sleeps, gets a big case!
Play as the office’s youngest member “”Dell””, who lost her memories and try to solve the case!

The sharp-tongued main character “Dell,”
The superstar with a screw loose “Ain,”
The reckless colleague “Syd,”
The stingy freelancer “Hansol,”
The idiot chief “Jeff,”
And the world’s laziest rabbit robot “Mode”!
The kind of weird, and somewhat lacking,
but strangely lovable 6 main characters with explosive chemistry!

To you who will complete our precious memories,
Mayday, Mayday!

Game Introduction

The sixth game from LucyDream, the creators of ‘Dangerous Fellows’! Mayday Memory!
A new interactive female-oriented story game filled with unique problems and twists.
Experience the special stories unique to LucyDream games, that sets it apart from other visual novels!
Memory loss, mystery, comedy, detectives, cyber punk, shocking plot twists, memory loss, drama, and of course romance!
An expansive story that lets you be who you wanna be!

Game Features

Away with only romance! Comedy, Suspense, Action, experience it all!
Interactive otome visual novel, the game that tops it all!

No side-kicks! The character you choose is the real main character!
Touching character stories and beautiful ending illustrations are waiting for you!

Complete missions and collect materials.
If you ask Mode… Mode might help you make gifts for your chosen character?!

Give him gifts! Maybe… You get to see a different side of him…???
Memories and a diary that get neatly saved as you progress the episode!!

Notice about phone permissions
The following services will need additional permissions when using the app.

Optional Permissions
Storage (Pictures, Media, Files) : For saving illustrations on your device

Retracting Permissions
Options > Privacy > Choose permission > Choose app > Allow or Deny Permission

Mayday Memory user reviews :

I downloaded the game yesterday and so far it’s good. The art is amazing and the story and relationships between characters are really good. However, the fact that you have to wait 80 minutes for only one energy as long as you have to spend 10-15 on the chapter, choices and missions is absurd. The ads make it a bit more bearable but at the end of the day you still have to pay to get more energy. That’s my only complain, hopefully I will enjoy it in the future as well.

  • Hello, We’re sorry for the inconvenience that is causing you. :( You can get Gems from advertising and free charging stations and exchange them for energy. Also, there is an event where you can get more than twice as many Gems at the free reload, so please attend to it. We’re always trying our best to provide the best game for everyone!
The writing is excellent on this one, and I’m thoroughly charmed with the characters. Especially the MC; she’s delightfully cynical and very fun to play. The world building is also good. They’re still working out a few bugs and kinks, but that’s to be expected with a new game– they just barely released an update that improves things A LOT, so they are taking player feedback into account and continuing to make improvements. I’m enjoying this do far and plan to keep playing!
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. We’re glad to hear you are enjoying our game! We are always listening to your feedback, so that we can work towards creating more enjoyable experiences in our games. If you ever have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the in-game Contact Us button in the settings menu. Thank you. :)
Extremely good story – pricey experience First I want to say that the story is absolutely fantastic. I was hooked for the entire time. However, I did pay about 12€ for the Level 5 Energy Upgrade (because otherwise you would have to wait very long to continue the story) and another 4,50€ to remove ads (because those take you out of the story) from the beginning. In retrospect, this was totally worth it and I’m ready to pay some money for a really good game. But I think 16€ is too expensive.
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. We’re glad you enjoyed the story :) We really appreciate your feedback. We’ll pass it along to the development team, so that they can keep it in mind when making future content!
AAAAH THANK YOU FOR UPDATING YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM!! I absolutely LOVE this game a lot, from the art, to the story, to the characters… So, I was really sad about the 30 energy max system back then because i couldn’t play the game properly. But now, the maximum is 2000?! It’s amazing! The refill time is a bit long, but I’m willing to wait just to play this beautiful game! All the other updates in this patch are amazing too~ Thank you for all your hard work Lucydream, you made me really happy!! :D
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. We’re glad to hear you enjoy the game, as well as the new update! We hope it makes the experience a bit more enjoyable, and that you are able to get the ending(s) you want! :D Thank you for your support, and for your positive review.

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