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[Game] Island Tribe 4

Island Tribe 4The authors of the bright, dynamic and exciting series – Island Tribe – are happy to present you with season 4, which focuses on a plotline about the tribe, whose settlers are once again in need of your help.

Help the shaman get his former appearance back. After all the trouble the Islanders are finally happy.

They rescued a kidnapped bride of the tribe chief and celebrated the wedding. They even became friends with the evil shaman. It turned out that the shaman was actually a pirate who was bewitched by a shaman mask. The desperate pirate told the Islanders a story about his tribulations and asked them for help.

So! Hurry up and join us to experience new adventures, unravel mysteries and complete exciting quests. A fascinating trip to the paradise islands awaits you, and the Islanders’ fate is in your hands.

The Islanders are here again! Participate in new adventures!

Find an altar that will help the pirate banish the curse!
Travel back in time with the brave Islanders.
Help the residents of the Ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and China!

You can play offline without an internet connection


Island Tribe 4 user reviews :

Terrible UI ruins good game. The teensy tiny level buttons do not indicate whether you completed in time and found all the artifacts. Therefore, the only way to get an unavailable bonus level is to replay all the levels until you complete whatever the hell you missed. Truly sadistic design.

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Was able to finish all the free levels and so I decided to purchase to get the additional venues with 44 levels aa it said on the app but none has been added. What happened to my purchase? Hope the game admins can check on this. This is the first time i paid for a game and it would be a shame for it to go to waste.

This and all your tribe games would be awesome and more likely purchased if you took the time to maintain and debug your existing games! This one (4) keeps crashing, when not stuck in a loop that keeps playing video ads but NO game play!?

I downloaded this game a while ago. I have always loved it. I bought it and was playing it all yesterday until at some point. I opened it and it kept saying the app stopped working. Wouldnt even get to the main screen. So i uninstalled it and reinstalled and now its saying i never bought it. I am frustrated.

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Would be a higher rating but I can’t tell which levels I’ve gotten gold on or not. Is there anyway to tell? Even a list somewhere of what the times for gold on each level is. I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find anything.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Found this first, finished the story, and now looking to download the first story and plans to work my way through all the stories

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Ok this is crazy I have brought this game 3 times once for my i-pad, once for my i-phone,and once for my android . I have changed my i-pad and been asked to pay again what is going on !!!

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I just dwn loaded it an it won’t even open I thought it was an off line games. I want to give it more if I can play it but if I can’t imagine Uninstaller it

It stopped working!!! I bought it and was playing happy until it started saying that it failed to download content from god knows where and thats all it does now… sooooo disapointed… i loved this game…

I’ve played almost all of qmaron games very addictive and although they ask u to buy u can totally play for free after watching a video which I don’t mind

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