Bricks Breaker – Relax your brain

[Game] Bricks Breaker – Glow Balls

Bricks BreakerBricks Breaker – Glow Balls is a addictive and challenging brick game.

Just play it to relax your brain. Be focus on breaking bricks and you will find it more funny and exciting.

How to play
Hold the screen with your finger and move to aim.
Find best positions and angles to hit all bricks.
When the durability of brick reaches 0, destroyed.
Never let bricks reach the bottom or game is over.

Colorful glow skins.
Free to play.
Easy game controls with one finger.
More skins of ball!
Thousands of stages! Endless game mode.
More props to get more fun!
Use 50 balls from the game start.
Achievements & leaderboard supported.
Play offline: Enjoy this game without WiFi.

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Bricks Breaker user reviews :

Pretty repetitive but also the level of mind-numbing you crave after a rough day. I play on and off but always seem to come back. I even think the level of ads is very reasonable. The only thing that would make this game better would be allowing the player to engage the 2x speed themselves, instead of it happening automatically after a certain number of balls have been shot.

It’s fun, but… for someone like me, who absolutely hates winning with handicaps, it’s extremely annoying that just by accidentally brushing on the items, you purchase (with the game’s diamonds, not actual money) and use them immediately, without having to confirm if you want to use them or not. Furthermore, the preview line showed before shooting is sometimes wrong. And, more often than not, when releasing the ball, the path changes slightly. But overall is a good game for pastime.

I like this game as a time killer. I’ve even spent a couple bucks on it. Recently the banner ads at the bottom have turned into half screen or even full screen ads making it impossible to play without closing the app and restarting. The x to close the ad is so small it won’t register any push. I would have contacted the dev directly with this issue but could find no way to do it, so I have no choice but to leave it as a review.

The game has potential, but needs a couple fixes to resolve frustration. Ads regularly block the screen impeding gameplay. Second, there doesn’t appear to be a way to love progress to a new phone. Repeated requests to the support team for these issues have yielded absolutely no response. I want to like the game more, but can’t recommend it given these issues.

This game is nothing but ads! It’s a bunch of repetitive levels with ads in between every single level! It’s not worth even having if I’m going to have to watch an ad just to even enjoy the game. Mobile games are going to lose to systems like the switch if they don’t get it together.

Fun game. Simple, relaxing, intuitive, polished look. But absolutely ruined by way too many ads. Multiple ads on screen plus a full screen forced video ad after every round. Also, they prompt you for a review way too early… and just before they start dumping ads on you. I’d buy it for a few dollars, but I can’t play it with all the ads.

This used to be my favorite brick breaker game, for many years, but after the recent update and bombardment of ads, I’m uninstalling without giving it another chance. I already had the problem that I couldn’t transfer my progress to new phones, but this is it for me. Despite being unable to save, It was still one of the better versions of this type of game. Until now.

Love it when devs decide to build ads into a game so even in airplane mode you get ads. I understand the importance of ad revenue, but this just hurts. If you want me to watch ads, give me an incentive. Give me a reason, a reward for doing so. I’ll watch as many ads as I can possibly handle. Just don’t go downloading ads onto my device. Also what’s with the analytics folder? I don’t like the sound of that. 5 star game reduced to 2 stars because of a deplorable practice that wastes space.

I enjoyed this game until I got a new phone that has the minimize and back buttons as part of the screen at the bottom. While playing on my new phone, I couldn’t back out because there was an ad over the buttons so I had to restart the phone instead to close it. Gameplay: average. Minimal interaction and strategy. Needs more purpose.

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