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MeditopiaA meditation app that touches your soul…

Meditopia is the leading app that helps you to get calm, reduce stress, sleep well, love, find peace and start a deep discovery within yourself. You can create a space for yourself in life and discover the happiness within.

You can listen to 250+ meditation sessions with top quality audio in both English and Spanish. You can learn to meditate, listen music to relax with nature sounds, use the timer to meditate and focus on different topics with specialized programs.

Topics are:
Foundations 1-2
Body Awareness
Release stress
Sleep well

Start Now which includes on the go meditations:
Small Break
After work
Tension relief

In addition to meditation sessions, you can use Timer option to meditate without guidance with different background music options. Also, you can favorite your best meditations and listen to them OFFLINE!

Our aim is to spread meditation all around the world and make meditation affordable! Therefore Meditopia COSTS FAR LESS THAN OTHER APPS!

Meditopia user reviews :

I really love this app. I use it every day. However, yesterday I tried to continue the live challenges- I was doing 21 days of mindfulness- and they weren’t at the bottom of the home page. I was abt 4 days in, so not far, but it was frustrating as I was looking forward to that. I tried refreshing the app, deleting it and installing again, but since yesterday (1/2/23) I haven’t been able to do/find the live challenges.

  • Hi Charles, thank you for your great comment! We have an updated feature, you’ll need to update the app to the latest version to see the challenge. Please contact to hello[at] if you still don’t see challenges. All the best, Sinjai from Member Happiness

I really like this app. I use it daily for study and for walks although lately my app has been acting different. I’ll select an hour of sound and it will stop playing at around 15 -30 minutes then my app wouldn’t work. I’d like to see a section where we can have our favorite sounds show up first so we don’t have to scroll to find it. Regardless I really enjoy this app!

  • Hi Angel, thank you for your angelic feedback and comment. Have you tried to update your app to the latest version? If not, please check your update status. If you still encounter the same issue even after the update, please get in touch with hello[at] Thank you! All the best, Sinjai from Member Happiness

I figured out what was wrong! A few small things I’d like to see is more sleep meditations(like more “sweet dreams” or “bedtime imagery” ect). All in all I highly recommend the app and the subscription! Thanks to the app, I have found a way to help deal with my heart condition and staying calm with it and sleeping better!

  • Hi Kelly, we are beyond excited to read your truthful comment, thank you so much! So glad that Meditopia could be a great help for your sleep. We wish you a day with full recharged energy! All the best, Sinjai from Member Happiness

I don’t subscribe to paying for apps like this and things of the sort. However, i am considering doing so with this particular one. I no longer listen to music on my walks, i found myself listening to this app. The sessions guide you on feelings and emotions. It is relatable. I’m learning that meditation has more to do with just falling asleep at night. It’s also about centering self and handling emotions and anxiety. I have been incorporating this app into my daily life. It helps

  • Hello Yolayia, we thank you so much for this deeply meaningful comment :) As we give ourselves time and space, we begin experiencing all the transformative effects of meditation. Hope you keep discovering the content with joy and relaxation. All the best, İpek – Member Happiness

Misinformed reviews… the people that are saying you have to pay/start subscription before being able to listen to even the free stuff is not true. There isn’t a paywall, it just looks that way. When you click the free stuff, the screen to start a subscription is the first thing that comes up but they failed to put an X in the corner. All you have to do is the back button on your phone and that’ll exit the screen and you can access all the free stuff they have.

  • Hello Heather, there are both free and paid versions in the app. When you go with Premium option, there is payment process. When you choose continuing with free content, you can listen to unlocked content as long as you want. Hope you enjoy! All the best, İpek – Member Happiness

I absolutely love this app. I pay for premium with no regrets. I really only use the sleep section. The stories are great. I just wish there were more stories over 30 minutes. I tend to listen to them same ones. I wish there was a way to load 5 or so stories into a session so you could just go to sleep. Sometimes if im struggling to sleep, the stories end and I have to pick another and try again. Thats my biggest complaint/wishful addition. Other than that. I use it everyday and will continue

  • Hello Tiffany, I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying our Sleep contents! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and suggestions. We continue to improve ourselves and renew ourselves with appropriate content in line with the suggestions and feedback from our members. Please keep your app updated! All the best, Ezgi- Member Happiness

Love the ambience of the music. One thing that needs attention on the app is, Everytime during or in between a session, if the screen locks or times out. It doesn’t provide the following session details. For me, I have to restart the app and load up that session again to have it marked as completed, slightly irritating because it doesn’t show accurate stats after the session if I have restart the app. I like to know how many people meditated during my session, I’d like to know who was with me.

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your precious feedback! There might be a several reasons why a meditation you completed was not added to the calendar. Can you please reach us through hello[at] so that we can inform you in detail? Have a great day! All the best, Ezgi- Member Happiness

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