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[App] eMoods Wellness Tracker

eMoods Wellness TrackereMoods Wellness Tracker is a simple tool that can help you track your overall well-being and build supportive routines and healthy habits, while helping you visualize your progress with graphs.

YOUR PRIVACY MATTERS! eMoods never stores ANY of your data in the cloud or connects to any APIs. No data ever leaves your phone without your explicit action.

Managing your wellness during this particularly stressful time just became easier and more effective! eMoods Wellness is a private and easy to use mood and habit tracker for graphing, reporting, and managing your personal well-being. Start tracking, recognize your triggers and stressors, and take control of your mood and overall health!

eMoods is a free mood and habit tracker app that lets you easily chart your daily outlook, productivity and motivation, depression and anxiety, sleep, nutrition, exercise, medications, substance use, news and social media exposure, and other factors that may affect your daily overall wellness.

View in-app graphs at any time to help you identify helpful habits and develop a routine to support your well-being during periods of isolation. Export a printable PDF report at the end of each month to assess or email to your doctor, caregiver, family member, or friend.

eMoods Wellness includes a dark color theme and a colorblind-friendly color scheme.
Patronage is strictly optional, and directly helps us continue to develop this app.

eMoods Wellness Tracker user reviews :

Great app, but I cannot suggest you do the backup option, I’ve tried it a couple times now and both times it broke the app, after selecting the automatic backup option the app will continuously crash and the settings menu instantly crashes, so I can’t un-select the option. Uninstall and reinstall was the only solution, and caused me to loose all logged info and custom trackers as I couldn’t back them up

I have a mood disorder and I enjoy the variable tracking on this one too, I find a close relationship between these factors and my mood!

not sure why this one is so unpopular…. I really enjoy how easy it is to track almost everything I want here, without several entries a day and without invasiveness big thanks to the developers!! I use both this app and just eMoods kind of bummed out that I cand merge them, but when I will become wealthy (heh) I will buy a pro version to make everything exactly how I want

Good app just feel like it should have more options for overall outlook of the day because I’m always negative but I am varying degrees of negative so 2 more would be good.

I find it really helpful and the pricing is very reasonable and the free version is really good as is so I may become a patron to support the devs

Very nice feature. Except nearness to other device

Great app for logging mental health. Very responsive developer!

Great for staying sane during at home lockdown

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