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[Game] Melon Maker Fruit

Melon Maker FruitGiant Melon in Melon Game!

Mobile ‘ Melon Maker ‘ is launching!
Don’t you love big sweet healty fruits?

Melon Maker : Fruit Puzzle Game is a simple merge fruit game!
Tap the screen to drop the fruit and merge the same ones to keep making it bigger and finally match melon.
Challenge yourself with all other players around the world to make the biggest melon!

Don’t let your fruit out of the box! Otherwise, you will lose.

Sounds easy, right?

Enjoy Melon Maker Game!

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Customer Center E-Mail : help[at]

Melon Maker Fruit user reviews :

Gameplay wise, it’s oddly satifying seeing the fruits come together. And there’s a certain level of skill needed to get them to roll. Now, as for the Ads – they only play after you lose (can watch one 30 second one to get a ‘continue’) and before you start a new game. Sometimes they pop up if you exit mid-game and come back, but you can skip them after 10 seconds or so. Take note other game devs – this is how a free to play game with ads experince should be. TL/DR: Fun game with minimal ads

It’s a fruit merge game it’s cute, it’s fun, I like the sound effects and music. The ads after each match are annoying, sure. It takes me 5-8 minutes a match, and I don’t get interrupted by ads, so I can’t complain. However, I wouldn’t mind an option to pay 1.99 to remove ads entirely or 2.99 to purchase the game and not have ads (like suika on the Nintendo store) also the holiday theme option is also very cute without being disruptive.

For once, a game exactly like the ads. It’s simple but engaging, a beat your own high score kinda game. It does play one ad between levels but once you get the hang of it the level lasts long enough that it isn’t irritating or tedious like a lot of other games. There’s some kind of revive feature once you lose but I haven’t tried it yet.

This game is adorable! I love the aesthetic as well! For me and what I know with ad interruptions I only get them after I hit the “Retry” button. Either way, this game is amazing and I’d suggest playing it if you have nothing else to do! But theres a music button to change the music and when I checked out the other songs I’m pretty sure all of them were from another game called “Like A Dino” . I’m not gonna get off topic here but just wanted to give them some credit for the music.

Fun game, but buggy. It’s a physics based game where you drop fruit onto other fruit to combine them and make a bigger fruit, but it constantly gives you a game over when the physics haven’t executed yet and it’s frustrating. So I’ll have fruit at the top, with nothing underneath, but it doesn’t fall, giving me a game over. Without that bug I’d give it 5 stars, but it’s a pretty serious bug.

Something opend up? I’m not quite sure what happened. The overall game is good, repetitive but fun. The ads, as others have said, are tiring but, what can you do. I’d give 4/5 if not for the fact that while playing, It suddenly brought me to a fake Amazon “You won a free iPad pro!” screen with fake reviews and everything. Not sure what that was, will wait to see if it happens again, if it does I’m uninstalling. Yikes. And yes I did have to watch an ad when I came back.

it’s VERY kute, the design is veeeery kute. but its an endless runner.. so you play until you run out of moves then you start over. what’s strange is it doesn’t keep track of your own personal best? there’s a leader board, but I’m not about to scroll through that list to see where I end up. power ups or different obstacles might make it more interesting? just.. endless runners run their course pretty quickly with me. amusing while it lasted.

FIVE STARS NOW THAT I CAN BUY NO ADS!!! Best and most accurate to the original suika pang pang on the switch. Please never change. Ive tried several before this one and this is just as good as it can possibly get I think. No ads is worth it, everything i could ask for in a watermelon fruit merge game. If something terrible changes or happens however (like a paid subscription or it gets deleted) i fear I will do something drastic. Thanks!

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