Candy Fever Bomb – Make you full of sweet feelings

[Game] Candy Fever Bomb – Match 3

Candy Fever BombPlayCandy Fever Bomb! Enjoy this brand new and tasty candy match 3 puzzle game. Very cute and exciting candy bomb effect make you full of sweet feelings!

Game strategy:
Match 3 candies of the same color to crush and win points!
Match 4 and more candies to create a powerful candy bomb!
Use powerful candy boosters to crush all candies in the whole line Crush various barriers with fun tricks and smart moves, and be rewarded to the next level!

Candy Fever Bomb Features:
Cute candy graphics and interface designed based on real candy
6000+ tasty levels and updated every month, let you enjoy the endless sweetness
Relaxing music & Exciting candy explosion animations
Free game that can play any time and anywhere!

Candy Fever Bomb is a cute match-3 game you must fall in love with once when you play it first. Install this candy puzzle game now and enjoy it at any time, anywhere!

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Candy Fever Bomb user reviews :

I like the game but think it is unfair that we have to use up one of our new power ups in the game when you are showing us what they do to help. Why can the game not show us that one for free at least. Since we only have 2 start with and then you make us use one up whether we want to use it or not. We do not have a choice to skip that option.

I love the design and the game is fun to play. I know they’re needed, but there are a few more ads here than you would think.

Very easy to play but you make me watch ads constantly and sometimes take me to the Google play store and then you start YOUR game over. Done. Deleting.

Level 7 and I have had enough ads for the day…. I cam deal with an ad after each level and I can deal with watching an ad for a bonus but you not only watch an ad after every level you then have to watch another right then to open a present you were awarded 2 ads back to back for one level and there is how many levels in this game??z nope not me Sad cause I like your game looks like it would be good but not good enough for the above

This game was great fun to play till you get up around level 200 or so then you lose a lot then win a few then lose a bunch and so on every game you lose your forced to watch ads I’m sick of ads and its really getting boring to keep playing I’ve been in the 600s for a couple months now I’ve had enough

The game is very enjoyable, but it has to many ads

I like the game because it doesn’t get so hard as you go up the levels that you have to buy things to help you complete the game. it is hard enough , and I have lossed before but it teaches me how to play better

Like game but stop telling people what to play. These games are all the same and I know how to play

It’s ok. Average. But if you like adds then this is the game for you. I understand having to make revenue but 90 seconds. Also the placement of click next is on top of an add link. Yeah Schuster

Super fun! I am clearing a lot of levels so far. The boosts are very helpful thru the ads watch, but too long. Great job developers, keep up the good work.

I play a lot of match three games and I rate this a five for the fun and challenge’s and theatrics. I recommend trying this game.

I’ve never had a problem with this game but now since I got to level 60 there has been and ad after puzzle .too much.. may have to delete do to to many ads now..

Could pick this game up and play most days.. Granted, maybe an ad or 2 too many, but not mind numbing torture.. (“,) I have major brain fog due to Long Covid so have gotten through this happy in my own little bubble playing a very colourful Candy Fever.. Enjoy

Cute graphics! Overall smooth game play! Plenty of free coins & boosters! Only 4 stars bcz I just started playing not even on lol 30 yet. Will relate after playing for awhile!

Just started playing and I’m enjoying the game. Graphics are good. Levels are challenging but not so much frustrating.

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