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[Game] Memento crime investigation

Memento  A realistic criminal case thriller is about to start right away. Investigate the chain of murders and solve the mystery of murder.

Crime investigation Memento is a game like no other. It’s a fully interactive crime novel with better features than in a hidden objects gameplay .


You have to investigate crime scenes in one of the best psycho thriller games and experience an adventure with detective riddles . As in other detective games ( f.e. Duskwood or I Am Innocent ) you have to use realistic in-game phone calls, a messenger, computer hacking, photographs, and documents to find the killer . Are you ready to solve the mystery case and stop the  chain of murders like in investigation games ? Prove your skills in the one of the best murder games .

Have you found hidden objects in Murder In The Alps ? Played free detective games with puzzle elements ? Are you a fan of detective thriller adventures with the atmosphere of suspense like Criminal casе or Duskwood ? Did you download murder games I am innocent or Simulacra ? If you like to investigate the  chain of murders in murdering games like Sara is missing or Sentence , If you’ve been looking for murder mystery games free full , this game is for you.


The psycho thriller free detective games story of interactive crime drama is set in a world of thriller games full of detective riddles . Mysterious murders are happening in the city, and the number of victims is rising. Sarah Carter, a police cybersecurity expert, begins the  interactive investigation . Along with her new colleague Bill, she has her crime investigation of murder despite suspicious obstruction by the police command and dilemmas in her personal life as well.

At the same time, Jeremy Night, the father of the first victim in the  chain of murders , finds himself trapped and starts receiving strange messages from an unknown sender, like in other detective thriller games . How is it connected to the murders? What horrible things from the past haunt his nightmares? Is it a serial killer ? Investigate crime scenes and solve the mystery case in our interactive mobile thriller ! Choose us, we are one of the best investigation games !

Features of the psycho thriller murdering games :

Solve the case thanks to realistic interaction with complex characters
Interactive investigation has two story lines
Enjoy interactive crime drama while tracking a target using a map, breaking into houses, receiving calls, and solving the killer’s riddles to investigate crime scenes like in murder games
Criminal mini-games
Interactive chat like in the most breathtaking text games
Artistic photography and videos
Detective gameplay with the deep psychological thriller involvement in characters’ private lives
The fates of the heroes and their relatives depend on your choices and crime investigation of murder
Multiple endings

An outstanding interactive investigation thriller from the founders of the texting mobile detective games genre. Download it now, make decisions and solve the case in the  interactive investigation !


PERMISSION TO READ AND WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE is required to download, store, and access game data, so you can watch video advertisements and receive in-game currency for free. Enjoy detective gameplay of our psychological thriller ! For the fans of the detective thriller games .

Be part of the crime investigation in our thriller adventure ! Start one of the best interactive crime drama murdering games ! Who is the killer ? …

Memento user reviews :

Well , this is really a nice game . But , I would like to report a somethings : 1 . The puzzles become too hard to solve . Its really devastating. I am really interested in completing the game but the puzzles just won’t allow me . Please make the minigames less hard and cringy. I am giving 4 stars to the game just because I am kind. Otherwise, I had a terrible experience

Meh. I recommend playing ‘Duskwood’ which is worlds better on every level. This one is so boring and the dialogue was so bland even though you’re talking about a murder. Overall, pretty lame. Also, personally hated the minigames to progress and the black and white display. Like I said before, download ‘Duskwood’ – very captivating. This game is not the worst, but it is not my cup of tea. Maybe yours?

I’m really torn on reviewing. You play as both a detective and suspect, hacking your way through databases to discover info. While the case and texts are ok, the hacking drives me nuts. I’ve been playing this for WAY too long bc the puzzles are hard for no good reason. Then at the end of hacking, you only get a CPL lines of texting before you have to hack again! I just want to finish the dang thing. It’s dragged out. At least allow more texting in between hacking bc it’s ridiculous.

Just download Peek a Phone and I promise you it is galaxies more of origial and interactive gameing. Crazy addictive. MEMENTO however. Not that interactive at all.Too many mini games that just keep you away from the story. The games don’t even tie into the story so why?? Just slow and lazy design and execution. I kid you not, just get peek a phone and don’t bother to waste your time on this one.

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