Demon Hunter 4 – Uncover the dark mysteries of ancient Egypt

[Game] Demon Hunter 4 – Riddles of Light


Dawn Ashmoore is about to uncover the dark mysteries of ancient Egypt. The old gods step into our world.


The renowned Demon Hunter once again confronts the powers of darkness. But this time things have taken a different turn: Dawn Ashmoore has been captured by an evil spirit, one that has awoken in the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple. Only one person can save Dawn – her niece, Lila. The girl sets out to rescue her aunt without a second’s hesitation. As the rescue mission proceeds, it becomes clear that her involvement in these extraordinary events is no coincidence.

Lila’s journey will take her through the mysterious ruins of ancient Egypt, still ruled by the gods of old. Their stories – locked inside chests and engraved in stone – will allow her to uncover a horrifying secret – Dawn has been captured by Seth himself. He’s the most dangerous of all the gods, and nobody can stop him from destroying the world. When the last Demon Hunter dies, all hope for mankind will be lost.

What mysteries will Lila bring to light? How is she going to defeat the evil forces? Enter the world of Egyptian gods in this new Demon Hunter adventure.

Meet the gods of ancient Egypt!
Fight primeval demons!
Solve the Riddles of Light!
Confront the dark forces!
Collect artifacts and search excavation sites!



Demon Hunter 4 user reviews :

The graphics are the reason for my rating. Okay storyline, but not enough to keep me intrigued for hours. The game seemed very short, as well as the bonus chapter. It was just okay, not my favorite. Collectible stars/diamonds in each scene. Teleportation map. Okay mini games. Okay hidden objects.

A sufficiently challenging and long game. Although some minigames were too easy and a couple of them too hard, I had to skip one. I loved the ancient Egyptian mythology and plot, the scenes were beautiful. The bonus chapter was too short.

all artifex mundi hidden object adventures are the best. you actually accomplisha goal unlike some of the other hidden objects that are a never-ending circle of tasks to complete for rewards before moving on. the graphics are awesome as well. I have purchased several of the full games. keeps me entertained for hours when I have free time.
  • Artifex Mundi
  • Many thanks

Seems ok at the moment but still on the free trial. Need to play for a bit longer then I might give it another star. Well thats the free trial over and it says I can unlock it for 1.49 but it won’t let me. Have now managed to buy it but it seems an odd sor of game. Not much of a story to it so I will stick with 3 stars.

This is a good game. The graphics and story are enjoyable in fact I think Artifex Mundi make the best of the cookie cutter hidden object adventure games on google play. My one complaint is the length of the game for the price. Other designers have a “bonus game” which pads out the value for money however Artifex Mundi don’t do that and don’t extend the game play to equal the premium price. I would give 5 stars for a little more value or a little lower price.

Pleasantly surprised, will purchase. Good graphics & not the usual gameplay you ordinarily have. Only minus (for me anyways) is the music gets on my nerves. Otherwise,a great play.

Visually stunning, but the storyline didn’t hang together very well and the puzzles were unimaginative. I paid for it too soon – I uninstalled before finishing. The original Demon Hunter games were great. First A.M. game I haven’t liked.

Another great game from Artifex. I’ve played a lot of their games, and never been disapointed. Great gameplay, graphics, puzzles, etc.

This game is really fun. I would like to see more games like this. Some of the puzzles dont make sense but lm a little on the late freight sometimes. Lol.

These games are getting shorter. Game playing is nice and interesting topics. I love the graphics, but would longer games again.

Haven’t played much of it yet but so far really good. I do enjoy these games and the graphics are always good and the story lines easy to follow

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