Merge and Farm – Help to restore the village after a hurricane

[Game] Merge and Farm

Merge and FarmMerge Farm is a puzzle farming & merge game with unique vibe that will take farmers to faraway islands with breathtaking locations and memorable characters! Help to restore the village after a hurricane, build a farm to harvest exotic plants and keep livestock. Have fun in a world brimming with activities and stories!

Your grandma is in a dire need of assistance. After a horrendous hurricane hit the islands, almost every building has been ruined, and the transport connection has been lost. Luckily, no need to wait for the rescue team, as you are everything the island community needs! Your task is to fix the infrastructure and build a farm so that island dwellers could get back to their everyday life. Call upon your handy merging skills and solve all the puzzles!

Among other farm games, Merge Farm stands out as a novel blend of village building, harvesting resources, animal keeping and engaging storytelling. Here are the main features of the game:

Clever puzzles that will put your strategic mind to the test
A sprawling progression tree making the gameplay rewarding
Satisfying and addictive merge game mechanics
Huge variety of resources, from building materials to animal produce and cooking recipes
A cast of lovable characters revealing your past and advancing the island story
Quests to guide you during village games and farm animal games.
Bountiful rewards for farming and building

Build and decorate your house, till the land and sow crops in a farmer game, care for animals and collect their products, explore different islands and travel between them! Discover the story of a small farming village spread across several islands with unique characters, new buildings and crafting recipes.

Pack up and set forth to your own island adventure!

Merge and Farm user reviews :

The game is fun and I like it. There is in-app purchases and some pressure to buy them, but you aren’t totally locked out of progressing without them, you just have to wait for your energy to restore. I also appreciate how the only ads are rewarded ads you can choose to watch, rather than having ads randomly pop up during gameplay. I do feel like the game is trying to be too many things at once, merging, story, decorating, farming, and like constant new mechanics. I just like the merging.

  • Hello Ethan. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to reboot your device and use a VPN to get into the game. Let us know if it helps or not.

Fun… Until, What seems like the last tasks on the 3rd island requires you to repair a second stone bridge… Unfortunately there’s a glitch where if you’ve already repaired it the game doesn’t compute that you’ve fulfilled this task so you can’t move forward in the game to the next Island. I’ve deleted and downloaded the game multiple times to try and get past this however, it was all in vain. Likes: Unique interface Dislikes: Glitches

  • Greetings! Remember the bug that bugged you the last time you’d left a review? The good news is that the problem has been solved! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the game and reevaluate your score!

No decorations, no pathways & no customization,just like every other merging game. It’s a cute & good game but it’s not what I’m looking for. I want an actual farm, with flowers, pathways & decorations. I’ll keep it installed,hoping for future updates that will hopefully change that but I certainly won’t be playing it. It’s just not what I’m looking for in a game.

  • Hi there! Thank you for your time, your response will not go unnoticed! The game development does not stop for a second, and the opinion of the players is crucial for us.

I am editing my review. The game was fun, but now I am stuck. The game is very glitchy. I am on the third island, have everything completed and built, yet it tells me I need to build 2 stone bridges..they are built. Can’t move on! Fix your game. Also, they offer specials in the store, but you can’t buy them. Super glitchy game. Fun to play, but currently unplayable! One more thing..I just hit level 20 and I was supposed to be able to add a building, all I got was a blank spot with a ?. Fix it!!

  • Greetings! Remember the bug that bugged you the last time you’d left a review? The good news is that the problem has been solved! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the game and reevaluate your score!

Seems fun so far except it seems to freeze and then force close, sometimes my progress does go back and items I’ve merged aren’t on the board anymore BUT My gems I’ve used to accelerate the sources I used to create the missing items don’t go back into my gem amount. I’d love to be able to get thru a level or complete a task without getting kicked out every 5mins(LITERALLY). Hoping for an update with bug fixes! Please & Thanks!

Can have potential. Needs a bit of work done. When the fridge etc or out of use, you should be able to use gems or an ad to recharge them but you can’t. You also don’t have any options to obtain more energy, eg: through watching ads or using gems. There are alot of things that need to be sorted, if these where done then it would be a good game. Would like to give you more stars if these problems were addressed. Thank you anyway

  • Good day! Thank you for your desire to make the game better! We might use this idea in future updates.

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