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[Game] Merge City – Decor Mansion, Manor, Villa

Merge City  The story is about Angela – a well-known interior designer who has been living and working abroad for years, decided to return to her hometown and visit family on her holiday.

Angela came back home when an earthquake just hit the city a week ago. Houses, restaurants and shops were totally destroyed, trees and branches fallen and were blocking all the ways out. Angela was quite reluctant and she could not leave the town. Now that staying in the city is her only option, Angela decided to give a hand with the city renovation and design, and helped her neighbours to build the city of their dreams.

Your mission is to help Angela to fix everything that’s broken, restore the shops and buildings and give the city a glamorous look like it was before. Start from renovating the bakery and you will enjoy this addictive merge design game!

 Design the city your own way
Match and combine resources to create a toolbox that can help you with the city design. Learn tips and get more inspirations from the latest decorating trends, pick your favorite styles from a variety of choices and decorate the city to your liking, there is a lot to repair!

Discover hidden items and create a new collection
Merge and collect objects that’ve been hidden in the city, they might come in handy later. More items will be discovered as you expand the city. Use them to repair the stores, houses, or sell extra items to make sure every shop has the best look.

More rewards are awaiting
Complete the gameplay, earn more rewards and gratitude from people in the city. It’s time for you to give the city an exquisite makeover. You will be surprised by your creativity and design talent in this renovation game challenge!

Game features

Easy and quick gameplay with more challenges to discover
Merge items to create useful tools and build a city of your dream
Hundreds of decorating options and styles to choose from
Unlock special items and treasure chests along the game
Extra gems and coins to help you complete the tasks and more

Game instruction
Merge 2 similar items to help restore the piece, fix the broken things and clean up the stores and buildings, and choose the designs that match your style. Use the required items to complete the tasks and collect coins and stars to unlock new designs.

Make Angela’s dream come true in this Merge City design game, renovate the city and join her journey to discover new and more exciting adventures!

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Merge City user reviews :

I enjoy these kind of games, but it’s frustrating when the timers run out so fast on the items. Also it’s really hard to get more inventory space to keep items for later. My biggest problem I’m up against now, it I have quests that I am unable to do as I don’t have anything to merge. I have some items in a rainbow box?? Where di I even start getting items for this? Please help, or I may have to quit thus as I don’t think I can go any further

I really like this game but for some reason i have negative energy. My energy was at -47 and i hadnt played at all since yesterday. I closed the game thinking that it was just a glitch but then my energy was at -96. There were also multiple timers that were ran out and it said there were hours until they refilled. Im just confused. Id love to keep playing the game, but i would like an explanation to tell me if its just a glitch in the game and if it will be fixed or if i did something wrong.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi Katy! Please make sure that your device time is correct at all times. The game is time-sensitive, and if your device time is note correct, the game may not work correctly. Thank you very much for playing our game!
Its fun but it gets very boring when all the timers run out I think we should have it that there is something to do while waiting also is there a way that you could just like have the rating on the app cause it really annoys me when it switches screans but i know thats not just you
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hello. We’re sorry about the problem you’re experiencing. We will try to upgrade the game as soon as possible so that it becomes more perfect in the new version and provides a good user experience. Hope you enjoy and support our game! Thank you.

I like the game however I still have ads even when it says any purchase will stop adds. Well I’ve made a purchase, I’ve made several of them and I’m still forced to watch ads. Won’t be playing for much longer if it continues.

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