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[Game] Hamster Restaurant

Hamster RestaurantThe hamster restaurant is a free game where you can cook with cute hamsters and create your own restaurant.

How to play

Let’s create a cuisine with a cute hamster. Every time you cook, the affection degree will be up.
As other users’ hamsters come to visit, let’s act cooking.
You can order food from the menu you made.
By advancing the puzzle, it became possible to put a lot of hamsters.
You can get a rare hamster!
Individual hamsters also appeared.
Decorate the plaza to your liking and let’s make a restaurant!

Recommended for people like this
Someone who likes hamsters and cute animals
Town development games (City) People who like games
Someone who likes dressing games or room simulation games
Someone who likes to cook and eat

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Hamster Restaurant user reviews :

Funny app, downloaded it two hours ago and I’ve been playing it since then, it’s really fun, I play it with my girlfriend and she loves it too. Would give it five stars if you’d fix the English language a bit and make the animations a bit quicker because after every level you wait kind of a lot of time for the stars’ animations to finish and everything, other than that, game’s crazy good!

My favourite app, it’s really cute and charming. I can easily spend hours playing, I love all the little hamsters ♡ Edit: I first reviewed in 2019, and I reinstalled and started again in late 2022 and I love it even more than I used to! The puzzle game is great by itself, I’m at stage 300-something now. I really like that there are no ads except voluntary ones to get rewards. Also it’s very cute finding a little community, sending stamps and helping each other out! I just adore this game

The game is quite cute and adorable. It’s fun and I had played like 3-4hours by playing the puzzle game which is hard but challenging and also decorating my Café garden. Need a lots of rainbow cheese to buy some exclusive decor item but it’s difficult to get them(need to waste some times to get them). But I still rate 5☆, it doesn’t matter at all. The important is I enjoy playing the game and there is no bugs in the game. Please download it if you like this little fluffy creatures

Okay, I admit, it’s cool that we get to learn so many dishes from the selected restaurants that are country themed. I came from a mixed race country and those dishes are on point. And the hamster designs are really cute, and each of them has a different action. The downside is that nearly everything in this game is connected in a way to get you to play more and spend more time on it, if not then your money, ad nearly all the decorative items requires a load of cheese and you don’t get those often. The candy-crush puzzle is rather stupid in my opinion, probably because I’m not this type of game oriented person, but the puzzle somehow will ensure you to lose until you retry for the 50th time or get those exploding rainbow fruits. Again, I’m not this type of game fan, or I’m just stupid at these games. The translations are horrible, probably a fellow Japanese who isn’t very good at it. But after you get pass the tutorial you can get the gist of it. But improvements on the translation will be better.

Overall, this game is super fun, cute and addictive. I love all the stuff you can do and show creativity, however, I feel as though the leveling is quite difficult and the limited seats is frustrating. Love this adorable game though!

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