Merge Defense 3D – Try the ultimate mix of tower defense

[Game] Merge Defense 3D

Merge Defense 3DMerge Defense 3D is an easy to play but challenging tower defense game with numbers!

Train your brain with calculating and multiplying, think ahead by counting and making predictions, merge to become stronger, enjoy the interesting concept and addictive gameplay. Make the time fly with this merge and tower defense game!

How to play:

Place defenders on the board to shoot enemies
Merge two defenders with the same numbers to upgrade its power
Collect Keys to get more defenders
Collect Gems to use power-ups and tools like freeze, bluster, and time killer
Survive as long as you can

Game Features:
Puzzle game to train your brain
No time limit – no pressure
Completely free

Try the ultimate mix of tower defense, shooter and merger games and have fun!

Merge Defense 3D user reviews :

This is one of the most annoying games you can possibly play. This whole “ads help us keep the game free” is a blatant lie, so many beautiful games are free without having 30 seconds unskippable ads every 5 minutes. The only choice you have is to either watch the ad for a completely useless reward or watch it for absolutely nothing. Waste of time. The game could actually be half decent if it wasn’t for the ads. I wouldn’t play this game even if I was paid to do it.

The “3D” at the end is a high indicator of ad warning. I’ve done my share of ad complaints, but this game isn’t as bad as others. There are the ones that place an ad for everything you do. If you’re just starting out,”for (other) game rewards,” just take the multiplier ad rewards.The score is settled by the enemy blocks dropping a level/every move you make.I haven’t seen a review for whether purchasing ad removal works, but since there is no cloud save I’m not feeling purchases are a good idea.

Played it for about an hour. Love this, involves a lot of challenging thoughts especially when the bosses come in. They have a lot of HP and encourages you to merge your towers, but the sacrifice is the wave they’ll send after and can you strategize to catch them all without dying. Enjoying this a lot. *IS CHALLENGING. BUT NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANYTHING TO “BEAT” IT.* Is a score game for sure. Absolutely love it.

If it wasn’t for the full-length (30 seconds or more) unskippable ads every time you finish a level, I might’ve given the game 3 stars. If you can live with the ads, it’s not a terrible time waster. Edit: The ads actually become more frequent, as they also trigger on minor achievements. Still full length, still totally unskippable, but popping up more often.

  • Good afternoon! Advertising helps us develop and improve our games! Also, thanks to advertising, you can receive bonuses in the game. We will take into account your wishes and reduce its frequency of appearance in the game.

All the “rewards” interrupt playing every 10 enemies or every other upgrade and even if you say no thanks for the rewards multiplier it still shows you an ad you can’t skip and doesn’t give you the bonus. A shame otherwise since the game itself is a great time killer.

Urgh. The idea behind this game is quite fun and engaging. However the ads are too much. I totally understand the need for advertising in free games. But this is ridiculous. They have all these intermediate “achievements” during the game just so they can show more ads. It just got frustrating.

Wildy unfair. Difficultly makes it nearly impossible to win, especially if the player has mental disabilities that make it hard to focus on several things. You are basically stuck in a vicious cycle of ad watching just to APPEMPT to get past the first level. Would rate zero stars if I could.

Way too many ads. Its a great concept and the first few minutes were fun. But then the ads kicked in. The number of ads make the game unplayable. Even when you click to skip ad, it plays and unskippable 30 second ad.

Has potential to be a good time waster but for some reason, taping “no thanks” to an option to play adds in exstange for 3× rewards plays the add, that’s unskipable (or interactive in anyway) and I’m pretty sure you don’t get the 3x reward nither, like come on!

  • Good afternoon! Write to us at support[at] about this problem, and we will answer all your questions in detail!

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