Grand Cafe Story – Restore family сafe to its former glory

[Game] Grand Cafe Story

Grand Cafe Story Welcome to Grand Cafe Story! Restore a wonderful family сafe to its former glory!

Match 3 in a row candies to renovate and decorate all six family cafes, complete the renovation and proceed to decorate the next café, making new friends in each chapter of the amazing story. Chef Orlando will be your guide in the world of breathtaking adventures!

Make yourself at home. Decorate the cafe by solving the puzzle in the genre of free “Match-3” offline! Swap and match candies, beat colorful levels, earn stars, buy furniture and decorate room by room to your liking and discover new chapters in the exciting family saga about Orlando’s cook! Beat colorful “3 in a row” levels to bring warmth and comfort back to wonderful family’s restaurant.

The game features:

Addictive gameplay: help Orlando renovate the famous grandfather’s cafe by swapping and matching pieces!
Interior design: you decide what your dream cafe will look like.
Exciting match 3 levels: lots of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations!
New beautiful locations: discover all the secrets they hold!
Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with.
A cute and adorable pet: take care of a little duckling! Give it a name, feed it and build a little house.
Create your own cozy atmosphere in the restaurant!
All this fun-filled adventure is free to play! Please, note that some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.
A super addicting game with great graphics you can even play offline!

Renovate the restaurant and arrange the garden in the surrounding area! Unlock the hidden areas, get rewards and redesign kitchen with new furniture and unusual decorations. Indulge yourself in some cooking and become a hero by beating match 3 levels without Internet connection. Puzzle out Crand Cafe Story adventure stories with addictive matching gameplay, bright heroes including a cute pet along for the ride!

Hone your interior design and decorating skills while protecting your cafes from mischievous competitors. Many game areas will acquire a unique style thanks to you. Build your dream cafe for free!

Grand Cafe Story user reviews :

A really great and fun match 3 game, the are not too hard or too easy but passable. Good graphics and game play controls. I have been stuck on level 294 for a couple days, which that is not common for me. So I decided to use the “color ball” and it subtracted 1 from 4 and no ball showed up in the level (294) not happy but did it again and subtracted another one from 3 now and still no show in level 294! This level has been frustrating enough without taking 2 away from 4. I’m uninstalling!

I’m giving 5 stars as I loved the game but wanna tell 1 or 2 pointers for game improvement 1. Facebook connection is not happening for progress saving, though internet is working fine for me . I request you to look into it 2. Level completion animation is having more time, please reduce the animation timing. 3. After level completion , asking for 2 times “Tap to continue”, it’s irritating after every level for me as a user. All over great work guys. Your devs are rocking here!!

I love your graphics and the colors. The story line and the characters are interesting. What I don’t like is the 900 coins it cost to get 5 extra turns . My coins are going down quickly to the point I will have no coins. I don’t pay real money on games and never will. I have come across this situation before. I quit those games. Looks like I will be installing this game too.

So far so good, although there’s still some improvements needed, like atleast give us 2 stars for every hard levels, and don’t require star for small task, such as opening a box or putting a hat, it’s kinda unnecessary ngl, seeing as it’s hard to pass some level and all you get is 1 star. Update: It’s really tiring spending stars on small things, :( they connect to the storyline but it’s too much, every little things you have to spend star, it’s tiring

Good game, similar to Matchington Mansion which I love. Can only save across devices if you use Facebook, which I don’t. More games need to use Google Play as save points which would increase amount of players. Also, have been waiting and waiting for update as can’t go any further in game. English is obviously not the first language of developers.

I am definitely and certainly hating melanie or whatever her stupid name is. Kill that character or remove her arc please. The game is actually fun though I find it unnecessary to use a star to complete a small task such as talk to derek; open the box; put the toque; etc. It will be more enjoyable if you have mini games that help to gain stars or complete task. Or just remove melanie.

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