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[Game] Merge Home Design Dream

Merge Home Design DreamLooking for Home Makeover, Room Decoration, House Renovation Game? You’ll discover new items and dramatic story hidden inside your house, while creating a brand new dream villa of your own.

James is an interior designer, he has traveled around helping people decorate their dream homes . Let’s join him on this journey!

Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the next villa.

Run a full home makeover, go ahead and decorate your dream villa just the way you always wanted. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, Your home makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you.

Merge Home – Features:

DISCOVER All items – Merge and discover all items hidden in your room, your villa.

MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Plants, paints or maybe tables and chairs for the beloved room! Great. Merge items and renovate a house in your special way.

DECORATE – Show us your house decoration talents. It’s your chance to become an exterior and interior house design pro.

RELAX – No rush of time, you are completely free to choose, arrange everything according to what you want.

OFFLINE Game Play: Play anytime, anywhere, no internet connection required.

Play and enjoy this colorful merging game where you can design your dream home, dream villa!

Merge My Home – Let the mystery adventure begin!

Merge Home Design Dream User reviews :

This game will cost you a fortune to play! This group has 2 games and you should DEFINITELY PLAY THE OTHET ONE. This one was just updated but requires too much with little space to accomplish the tasks. Their other game is WAY better and is my favorite goto game daily. Thx for trying.

  • Hi, could you kindly tell us more about your problem via mergegames[at] We are looking to improve the game to give the best experience for users. Thanks.

I have just started the game but I only finished 4 levels and now the game can’t go farther no more rooms for decoration i hate it. I can’t give it 5 stars

  • Hi, could you kindly tell us more about your problem via mergegames[at] We are looking to improve the game to give the best experience for users. Thanks.

I’d already written a generous 2 star review but was unable to update it… So, the game play and graphics are nice. The amount of energy it takes to create something is awful and the board isn’t large enough to accommodate everything needed to create items. The extra storage is too expensive to purchase many of so the board is full of stuff that you have to pick and choose to keep or sell. On top of that, I watch an ad for my 10 energy.. And get 1. That was the last straw and I’m uninstalling.

  • Hello Julie, We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! We are trying to optimize the next update. Thanks a lot !

I did enjoy playing this game. But the second room would not unlock let alone all the buttons. They didn’t work either. As said before. A lot of these types of game’s if you ave one or more drain your phone’s battery. Some in a matter of minutes. This game I enjoyed playing. I will return too play it in 6 months time. Too see if it as improved. Or not.

  • Hi, we’re sorry about the problem you’re experiencing. We will check and repair them as soon as possible to give our customers a good experience. Hope you like and support our game Thank you very much!

I love it. It’s a wonderful game and challenging. it almost makes the ads worth it but seems you can’t escape ads on any games these days. It definitely helps past time and I love the graphics. I enjoy it more than the other merge games out there.

So far, a nice game. Beautiful graphics, easy to understand the gameplay, and ads only when the player wants to watch! Still on the beginning of it, so only 4 stars till I figure out if it stays this good on higher levels!

  • Hi, thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us and rate us 5 stars. Thanks so much

A good merging game, but there are lots of optional adds. I ignore most of them for the lack of time, but I feel the progress is slower because of that. I woyld prefer 2-3 adds system per day.

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