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[Game] Anna Merge Adventure

Anna Merge AdventureWelcome to Anna’s Merge adventure!

Here is an island with a mysterious civilization and merging magic, where you can meet new friends, save lost family members and create your own island with Anna!

To find the secrets hidden behind the mists and learn the stories inside the landscape. Come and experience this puzzle and casual Merging game!

Merging Magic:
You can use the merging magic to merge 3 identical items to get 1 advanced item, or merge 5 identical items to get 2 advanced items.

Anna’s family is stranded on a mysterious island because of a tsunami. Here Anna makes new friends and works with them to find her missing family. What magical experiences will she have, and what new challenges will she encounter?

Mysterious characters:
Meet the mysterious characters under the mysterious civilization, and with their help change the whole island!

Tasty Recipes:
Help the characters complete delicious recipes to get mysterious rewards that can be used to explore unknown areas of the island.
What kind of food are they good at? Wait for you to discover!

Rich gameplay experience:
In this mysterious island adventure, you will get a variety of treasure chests, mine deposits with mysterious powers, and harvest new resources.
There are hundreds of game items waiting for you to match, merge, combine and build, and more mysterious buildings to discover!

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Anna Merge Adventure user reviews :

The graphics and sound effects are nice. It’s never glitchy and it’s fun to play. The reason I gave such a low score is for two reasons: (1) You need a Facebook account to backup your progress—there should be an alternative. (2) They force you to play the game the way they want you to play it. Example: After a while, you get a message saying “We’ve collected enough wood.” You can no longer produce trees to harvest wood, so you can’t work on upgrading your first build (The Seaside Cottage).

Really enjoyed this game hit level 18. This past weekend, I went through ads and nothing. It would start up again, so I was receiving the energy to keep going. Reluctantly, I will be stepping away until I can continue the game. I believe the ads should be worth more points in the special games. I need 30 energy getting 10 at a time and putting up without receiving any from the ads as really tested me.

Having to kill the game every so often because things like shots just take over. DO SOME QA!!! And now a new screw up watch an ad for a couple of days (not really) but it never comes back. More need for QA but seems that they don’t want to create a working game. Just an update, 5 times the ad doesn’t work, DO SOME QA!!!!!!!! Make 7 times

  • Dear player, I am very sorry for your experience. What problem did you encounter? Please describe it to us in detail. In order to solve your problem faster, send an email to support[at] with your game video, and a technician will check your email.

I really love this game – the graphic, plot, mechanics… but there is one thing that annoys me really bad. There is an ad about game kings choice, after which i will not recive reward if i decide to watch it. The game crashes and my reward is gone. Please do something or i will stop watching ads, i will not waste time seeing something for nothing. Thank you. I will change my rating if you gonna corect it bcs it worked really well last week.

  • Dear player, we are deeply sorry for your experience. I have fed back your message about the crash while watching ads to the developers. The team will continue to work hard to improve players’ gaming experience, thank you for your feedback.

I really enjoy many merge games however this has become my favorite. It’s the stupidest reason too. When each building is built to its limit to add to the final platform, this game is the only one which set construction building to look as if you are building the final platform instead of leaving stupid spots that need filled. I like seeing it form in each step instead of empty spots that need filled. It is much more enjoyable to see. Thank you. BTW, opened everything looking for more. Love it!

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