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[Game] Merge Home Design

Merge Home DesignAre you looking for merge and house renovation games? Start your exciting merge story in the Merge Home Design game! Discover new items here and build your dream room in the villa.

You are a home designer, you travel the world and help people design, renovate and build their dream homes! Come join the journey of merge and decoration now!

Game Features:

Merge: Discover all the items and tools in your room, combine the items you have, and merge them into more useful tools, plants, furniture, floors, and more. Makeover the entire house your way.
Decoration: Show everyone your unique decoration talents! Each room has a variety of decoration styles for you to choose from, whether it is the wall, floor, bed, wardrobe, you can choose the style you like, here you can become more professional!
Game graphics and music: every room is carefully crafted by professional art designers, from every tool, to the walls, the entire house, and full of details! The background music of the game makes you feel good and makes you feel very relaxed while playing the game!
Game content: Regularly update rooms and events to enrich players’ gaming experience without getting bored.

From cleaning the room, to renovating the entire villa, you can do it at your own pace! Give full play to your decoration inspiration and let this mysterious adventure begin!

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Merge Home Design user reviews :

This is a cute game. It has some of the best things a merge game could have. I enjoyed it very much… until recently. Unfortuna]tely, I have experienced a glitch these past few days that kills my enjoyment for the game. After watching countless videos to receive the two extra goody boxes, I’d go back to the board to open my boxes and the first tap would crash the game. Upon doing a hard close and restart of the game, the box was gone. This happened to both boxes, two days in a row.

Love the game but there is an issue with the star boxes. When I click the box it gives me an item but then crashed the game completely. When I load back in the boxes are back but just keeps crashing. Hope it’s fixed soon then can update the review

I like the concept of the game. But I feel like there’s just a smidgen too much happening on the merge screen at once. Plus for some reason it keeps freezing and I have to close out of the game, to open it back up and it happens again.

It’s a great game, but it glitched on the pool. I selected the tiles I wanted, but it won’t move on to the next goal. It keeps telling me to tap on the pool to select a tile design. I’m gonna try uninstalling, then reinstalling to see if that works. I’ve linked it to my Facebook account, but even if that doesn’t work, I just finished the tutorial a couple choices ago, so I’m not very far along. I’ll update if this works.

  • I’m sorry about the problem you encountered. To help us solve the problem, would you please send us your screenshots / video and your game ID ( ) to show this problem? We will process it as soon as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.

I love this game, but it stopped working properly. Its not opening new room MY VILLA and some times it gets frozen. After messaging them,had no reponse.

I love playing these games, I have your other 1 like this 1. This 1 however is a bit slow & by that I mean it’s lagging. Would be awesome to debug, update this 1 to make it more like the other 1. Edited: the glitches are becoming worse now and no word from the developers. Should I keep playing or just delete

Won’t download the next level and it keeps glitching and laging. It’s annoying. It’s a good game but it still has the same problems despite the update. It also keeps freezing

I loved this game but now it doesn’t want to work. It won’t let me do anything. It wants to quit on me. I wish it would work right. If it did, I’d still give it 5 stars but since it doesn’t want to work right, I give it only 3 stars. I don’t know why it wants to quit on me. I loved this game! Oh dear me. I hope this game will get fixed on that. It was a very interesting game to play. Sorry that I had to uninstall it. I hope you will be able to fix it. I’d appreciate it if you will.

I love this game it’s just the time limit is to fast and I always need the box that is on a time limit so I have to wait and play a different game

I love this game so much, its the number 1 merge game that i love!!! I have this game downloaded on 3 phones thats how much i love this game and playing it!!! Whoever made this game, thank you i love it, i play all day long!!!

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