Merge Hotel Family Empire – Let the mystery adventure begin

[Game] Merge Hotel Family Empire

Merge Hotel Family EmpireTed’s grandfather has something to tell.

This hotel is full of stories unheard of! Help Ted discover what his grandpa has to reveal about the family’s adventurous past.

Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the hotel’s next corner.

Let the mystery adventure begin! Run a full hotel makeover, go ahead and decorate your hotel just the way you always wanted. Unlock new floors and unveiling decade old family secrets on the way. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, the Hotel makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you.


MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? You betcha. Merge items and renovate a hotel in your special way.

DECORATE – Show us your house decoration talents. It’s your chance to become an exterior and interior house design pro.

RELAX – Good vibes only, although there are some twisted secrets ahead.

EASY TO LEARN – Anyone can learn a game this simple.

PLAY FOR A WHILE OR FOR LONG – Have a quick merge minute here and there, or become absorbed into an engaging merge marathon.

Enjoy this colorful merging game where you can design your dream hotel!

Merge Hotel Family Empire user reviews :

The reason I’m not rating this a 1 star is because the “puzzle board” is actually okay. The idea of the game is you combine items to upgrade them and then sell those items for keys to progress the game. Cool idea, but terrible execution. The only reason it has anything to do with a hotel is because of the setting. There is nothing hotel esc about the game. Massive let downs: you can only really play for 10 minutes before you’re out of energy, the game forces ads on you every couple of merges.

Thank you for listening to feedback! For making a reasonable price to remove the ads, and I can still unlock bubbles and speed stuff up. ☺️ it has made my gameplay much more enjoyable. Although you removed the progressive rewards from the block puzzle event, I found these rewards encouraging and helped me a lot. Will there be more floors, as I’m on the last one?

Just like all the other games of this type, it eventually becomes so arduous to advance that it’s not fun anymore. I’m on level 5 where it takes 310+ keys to upgrade one thing and I’ve been working on the same orders for several rounds of full energy INCLUDING watching all available ads. Just once, I wish one of these apps wouldn’t become an obvious “pay to (seriously) play” game. The concept is so fun at first, then you just hit a thick, brick wall.

  • We didn’t want to upset you and we apologize for the inconvenience. The gameplay shown in the ad may become a part of a game in the future! Check for the updates!

Fun game, but never enough energy and the generators only give a few items then you have to wait for them to refill… Some of them take 40 mins or longer. I don’t mind watching a few ads to support the app, but higher levels it seems like I am playing for 3 mins, watch ad, repeat. Only way to get use of the generators is to watch an ad to unlock them, then you get a few items before it locks again. Great fun for about 15 mins. Almost to level 20 and I’ll probably stop playing.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words!

Most importantly im sad the restaurant was only an event, it was WAY more fun and better to look at than the normal board and items. So this game is actually kind of fun, but the disruptive ads detract so much. It’s one thing to have banner ads or optional ones for rewards, but them popping up in the middle of gameplay at certain intervals is horrible. Not to mention, I’ve seen some DISGUSTING ads that were so disturbing i almost uninstalled right then.

  • It’s sad to hear that. Please contact us at support[at] and we’ll be glad to help you!

Great game and tons of fun they make it easy to gain multiple advancements throughout the game. The competitions are super fun and challenging along with great graphics

  • Thank you for the review. Enjoy the game!

Great way to me, busy and focused. Merge items to become some other item and you can build your rooms to look great. Lot’s of fun.

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