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[Game] Sudoku Classic and Jigsaw

Sudoku Classic and JigsawSudoku Classic Puzzle Game is adfree number game to sharpen your mind.

Train your brain by playing free offline sudoku game without any ads or any IAP. Sudoku puzzle game consists of five different difficulty mode more than 5,000 unique challenging sodoku puzzles with both classic and jigsaw modes and more brain puzzles will be added continuously.

Download our offline sudoku puzzle app for your android phone with no ads. Train your brain, develop logical thinking, sharpen your memory and relax your mind by playing our best classical sudoku puzzle game. Play unlimited top sudoku game anywhere, anytime.

Classic Sudoku Puzzle
The goal of the classic sudoku puzzle is to fill all cells on grid with number from 1 to 9 without repeating on either row, column or 3×3 box.

Jigsaw / Irregular sudoku puzzle
The rules for jigsaw puzzle are same as classic sudoku puzzle except the block is of irregular shape. Instead of 3×3 regular square box, the irregular sudoku puzzle consists of 9 irregular shaped block which are differentiated with the color or the border.

Irrespective of whether it is classic sudoku or jigsaw sudoku, each sudoku puzzle will have one and only solution.

Main features of the sudoku puzzle game:
No Ads : Play the best sudoku puzzle game without any interruption from ads.
Classic and Irregular sudoku mode : Play both classic / jigsaw sudoku puzzles in single app
Clean UI/UX : clean, beautiful and minimalist design for distraction free gameplay with cool animation.
Dark / Light theme : Play your favorite sudoku game on either light or dark theme whichever you prefer.
Unlimited Undo : Undo every mistake.
Statistics : Keep track of your best time. Track your progress
Note mode : note mode to fill notes
Difficulty level : Five difficulty level to test your sudoku solving technique (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Ultimate). From beginners to advanced players you will find the perfect sudoku puzzle to solve.
Auto save : Sudoku Games are automatically saved on exit. Pause and resume game anytime.
Thousands of puzzle : You won’t play same game twice with more sudoku puzzles being added in every update
Auto Fill notes: Auto fill notes on either a single cell or all cells with a single tap. You don’t need to fill notes on cell.
Hints : Ever stuck on sudoku puzzle? Well, hints will help you to progress on.
Automatic update of notes : With every number filled on cell, all corresponding cells will update its’ notes.

You can challenge yourself with mistake mode where 3 mistakes will end the sudoku puzzle game. Can you solve difficult soduku puzzles without making any mistakes. Find out by playing top free offline sudoku games with no ads.

We are working hard to add killer sudoku (also known as sumdoku) puzzles on the app.

Play the best fun sudoku adfree app on the store and enhance your solving ability. Challenge yourself with the new mind refreshing free sudoku puzzle everyday and in no time you will be master solver of even hard sudoku puzzles.

Keep playing the best sudoku game without ads and without distraction. Share classic / jigsaw sudoku puzzles game with your families and friends.

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Sudoku Classic and Jigsaw user reviews :

literally love this app. genuinely no ads, works offline, and has multiple great game modes. my only complaints are that it’s hard to see the notes in dark mode, and that once you’ve played a lot of it you run out of new levels… i’ve played so many of the hard and expert mode levels that i’ve started realizing there’s just a set amount of patterns that can be generated, and i’ve played all of them. would love to see some more levels added.

The ad free experience is great. Once you reach the “Hard” level though, at a certain point you just have to start guessing because there’s no way to narrow down any of the remaining spaces to less than 2 options. It tells you if you made a “mistake” but it’s not very satisfying when you feel like you just have to start guessing to solve the puzzle

Simple, elegant Sudoku with genuinely no ads. I love being able to just unwind with a puzzle and not have to worry about dodging ads. Features are customizable and helpful, like the count of remaining numbers, highlighting rows, columns and cells, and highlighting identical numbers on the grid. I also really like the animation that plays when you complete a row, column, or cell!

Great simple app for sudoku. Probably one of the best because it’s simplified and has no ads. I would recommend adding a lightning mode so you can select a number and click on the cells to turn that cell to that specific number. I tend to do sudoku by thinking of one number at a time and filling in notes/cells as I think about one number at a time. This feature is available in sudoku made by beetles studio. But they have a ton of ads.

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