Merge Islanders – Transform it into a seaside mansion paradise

[Game] Merge Islanders – Magic Puzzle

Merge IslandersMerge Islanders is a fusion of merge games that takes you to a remote island.

Design your new lifestyle, build a mansion, and match with the love of your dreams!

Merging games like this one will test your puzzle solving skills, all while taking you through a fantasy adventure of a lifetime. One day, you find yourself on an island that quickly becomes your new home. Make all the right moves, and you will be able to give it a design makeover and transform it into a seaside mansion paradise.

The sunny merge island will take you by the hand and let you become a part of its wondrous mystery, friendship, and love stories. It’s no wonder why people are calling it the Sun Dream island. Here, the tropical season never ends, and your wonder days will be spent on happy travel tales while you slow down a bit and admire the shimmering stars at night. Find the gems and its hidden treasures as you explore the mystery island!

As the legend goes, this tropical paradise is no typical holiday destination. In fact, it used to belong to the great Atui civilization that was lost to a fateful cataclysm. It seemed that the story of ancient knowledge, magic, relics, and superhumans was gone forever. Until one day when its fantastic world brought together two passionate explorers, a match made in heaven, and sent them on a journey of their own.

Don’t be idle – fables of friends and adventures await in each and every chapter! As you engage with its inhabitants, you will help a separated family reunite and meet a cute and magical beauty of your dreams. Will you find the time for all the fun as you give your house a makeover merge?

A merge game with clever puzzles

By merging items like pies and other food, planes, and even farm tools, you will unlock additional items that you can use to craft new tools, upgrade your town, and take on new tasks and monsters. It’s the life few could have ever imagined to live.

Explore the tropical escape island

Within this tropical plane of existence, you will get a chance to explore its exotic plants, a coastal lighthouse, a green labyrinth, a palace complex, and underwater guardian’s cave, a legendary tree of solid gold and all of its associations with wealth… what mystical objects does the island hide? Be the bold new hero who is not afraid of a challenge and discover it all!

Rebuild the city and construct a fairy tale like manor

Ever wished to be the master in your own villa by the sea with all the decor you could ever want? A deal that many would find hard to pass. Remember the rule – your land, your decoration!

Welcome the new season with a love story

The true merge magic of the game is to find another kind of match – a potential love interest you wouldn’t want to miss. If you’ve heard gossip about two main characters meeting, one male and one female, that’s a good way to describe it! Meet the ironical Rona and noble Noah. Despite not knowing each other beforehand, fate had brought them together by pushing them to an unknown ocean shore. Will they eventually start to harbor feelings for each other?

What you will find is one of the interactive kinds of merge stories apps where you get to design your own magic mansion in an island town and give it a makeover. Ready to dive in?

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Merge Islanders user reviews :

I like the game, it’s cute and different,but certain items are very rare and it’s the item everyone wants. I need like 4 candles, some pretty advanced, but I’m only getting like 2 per an entire batch. Get boring and frustrating. Probably going to delete.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Merge Islanders! We’ll take your feedback into account as we continue improving the game.

I enjoy this game and I enjoy that there are mini games and the buildings give you energy. But it’s very frustrating that there’s no trash or sell option for items on our merge board. the board is full storage is full and now you can’t play the game

  • We’re delighted you’re having a great time with Merge Islanders! Thank you for your feedback! You can remove, undo or sell chips with the buttons in the info block, at the bottom of your screen. Enjoy the game for 100%!

Really enjoy this game! The setting is beautiful and I like that the female character is independent and smart. It seems respectful of islander culture too, though I’m not an expert on that. The game play is also good-I didn’t run out of room on the board quickly. And buildings produce energy / resources that help. I do wish there were cheaper resource packs to buy, but other than that it’s a great game!

  • Hi, Annalisa! We’re delighted you’re having a great time with Merge Islanders! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Merge Islanders! We’ll take your feedback into account as we continue improving the game. You can address to our Support Team any questions and ideas any time, just send to support[at]

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