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Merge Minicar user reviews :

Not only is it addictive, but it has very little ads too. Problems with merge (or any mobile game for that matter) is that there’s an over abundance of ads placed everywhere. Like you only play a game for 30 seconds and you get like long ads afterwords. These ads ultimately turn me off from games like these, however, this game doesn’t have that problem. Hence why I’m giving it a 5 star review and I literally recommend everyone to get this game. Support the devs and get this game!!

  • Hello thank you for playing We will do our best to make a good game in the future! Have a good day today, thank you!

This game is fantastic. Gameplay is fun and simple. Gotta love the hold to speed buy feature. The ads are not forced and give great rewards if You do watch them. Ingame rewards are very generiously Nice. Tracks look beautiful. Only the car list in races is a lil obstructing the visibility of the track. The cars look amazing aswell. Overal,I Love this game! I would recommend this game.

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback and evaluation. We will do our best to make games that users can enjoy playing in the future!

This is quite a relaxing game and I enjoy playing it. I really like the graphical style and that there are no forced ads. There are even a few mini games besides the merge and race track mechanic. A circuit to challenge AI drivers, a flappy car and a mine for a few emeralds. A really great game!

  • Hello. Thank you for playing. Have a good day!

pretty good game. i really like the artstyle and the general gameplay quality, and ads are reasonably implemented. usually the merge genre gets really bad entries that are filled with low quality content and ads all over the place, but this one stands out. the only problem i have so far is that everything just looks kind of cramped together.

  • Hello, thank you for writing a good review. More updates coming soon! We will do our best to make the game better! Please enjoy playing! Have a nice day~ Thank you

Honestly it’s better then I was expecting, I was expecting just some merge game that was all you’d do, but honestly it’s way better then that. Yes it has the classic merge game aspect to it but it has this game mode to it that was a nice thing to add, but the very little amount of ads I’ve ran into was shocking and honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Great game!

  • Hello, thank you for leaving your valuable comments. We will do our best to make it a fun game in the future. Have a good day

A super fun game becomes pretty boring and meaningless. Type cars don’t give you any money and the elemental upgrades require so much time invested that it’s literally worthless. You need days for a 1% boost on chance of something (gold, double cars or double emeralds). A good game falls very short because of end game boredom, repetitiveness and lack of content. The game is good until you reach the end, then it’s P2W and not worth it. It’s good to kill a little time though.

  • Good morning thank you for playing We will work hard to make a better game in the future! have a nice day thank you

Currently having some vechiles being locked when I merge them together after enough levels. I have higher levels that aren’t locked but I have three spaces that are locked and it’s really keeping me from playing the game if it’s just going to clog up with unusable cars after a while

  • thanks for playing We will do our best to make a better game in the future. Please tell me in more detail what the problem is. Have a nice day. thank you.

I was a little hasty with my last review. I generally react badly to being constantly badgered to do a thing I don’t want. This game is pretty great for free. Playing without ads is absolutely doable without spending any money and there’s enough content to kill some time. Good job devs

  • Hello Thanks for writing a good review. We will do our best to make more interesting games in the future. Have a nice day today and full of fun with our games. Have a nice day~ Thank you.

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