Goods Sort – Explore the fun of triple matching

[Game] Goods Sort – Market 3 Match

Goods SortDo you enjoy shopping at convenience store and sort your fridge?

Then the triple matching game of Goods Sort – Market Match is sure to provide you with a better experience!
In this game, you can categorize snacks, drinks, and fruits and explore the fun of triple matching in 2D cupboards!
The game is straightforward, just drag the same cute 2D products to several shelves for pairing or triple matching.

How to Play
1. Place three cute identical items on the same market fridge.
2. Sort and clear three identical items.
3. Display the items on the back of the fridge.
4. Continue sorting until all fridge are empty.
5. You can earn higher scores by cleaning and organizing the shelves.
6. Unlock more of your favorite products by completing more levels

Game Features
Hyper-cutie 2D items
Simple sort game
Easy-to-play time-killing game
Choose realistic scenes and refrigerators to add fun to the game
Detailed and cutie design, choose your favorite convenience store design

Discover the ultimate tile match adventure with ‘Goods Sort – Market 3 Macth’ the fun games that sharpens your mind with challenging match 3 games and brain games.

Become a match master with “Goods Sort – Market 3 Macth”, which you can enjoy offline! Fine-tune your skills in the fun games that marries tile match 2D and color match for an immersive experience. Whether sorting colored cans or organizing goods in closet, puzzle games transform you into a goods match convenience store leader.

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Goods Sort user reviews :

Hii, so it’s me again lol. Anyway, game was working good these past few days but now, i have another little problem. When i finish the level before the timer goes off, it should automatically go to another level but it just freezes, with the timer still going off, so i have to refresh the game to play another level instead of just continuing to play smoothly. My apologies for the devs because of me constantly complaining but if u could fix this, i would be grateful

  • Hello shopkeeper, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you could email us the stage and recording you’re having trouble with, we’ll be able to fix it faster. Thank you.

It’s fun, and a decent time killer, but once you’ve lost a puzzle once you’ve broken the game’s code. Once I finish a level, the game doesn’t progress to the next one. I have to close the app and reopen it to play the next level. A fix would be great! Edit : In response to the dev’s reply, the bug started occurring after failing level 15, and has continued since. Also, the refresh button does not reset the level.

  • Hi Shopkeeper, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Can you tell us which stage the bug occurred on? We’ll be making more updates in the future, and we hope you continue to enjoy the game. Thank you!

It was really run at first but I can’t progress after the 8th level! I complete it multiple times now! But the level just continues playing like there’s more matches to complete! Very annoying!

  • Hello shopkeeper, we apologize for the inconvenience. We currently have version 0.8.2 deployed. Please update to that version and proceed.

It’s such an addictive and fun game. The game is new and it will receive updates with time. In future updates, it would be a good idea to add hints for when we are stuck

  • Hi Shopkeeper, thank you for playing the game! We appreciate your feedback on the game. We’ll discuss your suggestions internally and see if we can implement them.

Fun relaxing game! Seems to be. A bug occasionally I will get a game over on level 12 when I have spaces open still Update: thanks for the response, going to 4 stars for the swift update!

  • Hi Shopkeeper, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be updating the game today with fixes for these bugs, please continue to enjoy the game and thank you.

This game is very cute but I really don’t like having an ad or two after every single stage…

I can’t even play the game because I can’t click out of the tutorial.

  • Hello, we are currently aware of a conflict between the Privacy Policy and Stage 1. We are working to resolve the issue and would like to share with you that if you restart the game after accepting the Privacy Policy, you should be fine. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Ads. Ads. Ads. Finish a level? Ad. Retry? Ad Leave the game idle for a while? Ad. Breathe? Believe it or not, ad.

  • Hello, shopkeeper, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will discuss the ads internally and make changes to improve your experience. We’ll make more updates in the future and hope you continue to enjoy the game. Thank you!

The game is soooo cute!! It’s simple but really fun to play. However, I think the game needs more polishing, but yeah since it’s new, it’s expected. Hopefully in an update there can be tons of new features, like maybe some bg music and others. Over all, it’s a really cute and fun game!

  • Hello shopkeeper, we’re glad you’re enjoying the game. We will continue to update the game and bring you even more fun, thank you.

Overall, Goods Sort Market 3 Match is a great game for those who love puzzles and want to spend their time productively. I recommend it to everyone who appreciates addictive gameplay and intellectual challenges!”

  • Hello shopkeeper, we’re glad you’re enjoying the game. We will continue to update the game and bring you even more fun, thank you.

Great graphics and art style. Especially the adorable food and containers. When playing sometimes you need to restart the app to move to the next level after matching everything. More updates to come! Maybe some theme. Hoping there’s relaxed mode that there’s no time limit.

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