Merge Miracle – A world full of amazing stories

[Game] Merge Miracle

Merge Miracle Welcome to Merge Miracle, a world full of amazing stories!

You can see the variety of animal partners through Mergeing, as well as the variety of decorative buildings.

Merge Miracle Features:

A Magical Island
The island is filled with nearly 1,000 different objects waiting to be explored.

Cute Animal Friends
Characters with great personalities are waiting for your visit, join in their wonderful live, and share the fun living on the Animal Island with them.

Merge & Strategy
You can simply explore the world through Merging, and you can merge 5 to get 2 advanced item instead of merge 3 to get 1. It will gives you more rewards.

Gain & Management
Resources can be mined from piles or heaps to build various decorations, and you need to manage your limited land wisely.

World Exploring
There are amazing things waiting to be discovered under every cloud, explore every inch of Animal Island while enriching your island.

Merge Miracle user reviews :

This game is great, beautifully colourful. Cute characters, very familiar an very close to Alice’s merge land. An other merge Games. I haven’t been playing this long, an so far everything seems as these games do. Let’s just hope it does not get where you have to pay to progress in the game because if you do then i will be uninstalling the game.

The tiles freeze after moving items. Pls fix this glitch. One suggestion, pls don’t give the option to collect coins and items like harvest and then tap. At this time the coins and items are collected without that option but I’ve seen many merge games with latest upgrades they give the option to tap on item with collect icon and then the items get collected..pls don’t make it that way. The glitch as of now is only the freezing part.

I really enjoy playing this great but….most things won’t move when you try to move them. I’ve restarted my tablet several times and I’ll be able to move the parts around for a minute then it’s back to not being able to move things where you need them! Still can only play for a minute and the objects won’t move.

  • Dear Sarah Brannan, Thank you for your feedback, we have received it. The issue has been submitted to the technical staff, and the Merge team will continue to work hard to improve the player’s gaming experience.

So far, the best merge game I’ve found. The time it takes to build things starts to get really tedious, and holds up progress, but otherwise, the game moves smoothly, without leaving you waiting on resources for an insane amount of time.

Love the story line and characters. I would definitely recommend this one. I love the fact you can watch videos for more woodchuck builders and more energy simply one of my Favorite games please don’t change anything. If anyone is looking for a great game I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!! Kudos to the developer’s. You can also watch a ad to finish something

Edit: Fun so far but now you have ads that take one directly to the Play store, unexcusable. Keep them in is reason to uninstall. Just found a glitch, the time counters run slow. Matched to a stopwatch.

  • Dear players, we have received your feedback, what is the problem with your countdown? Please describe your problem in detail. Email your game screenshots or videos to support[at] if you can. Looking forward to your reply, thank you for your support and love.

Great as a starter to merge games maybe. There are a few top ones out there and although this is OK it can get a bit boring. I’m only on level 15 (got there quiet quick) and thought there would be events. Energy and chest bonus is great but it’s not a game I’ll regularly check in on. Kinda something to pass the time while I’m waiting on stuff on the othere merge games.

Really liked this game, but it just started freezing when I try to drag something to another place. I have to close out of the game, and then when I log back on, move a few things and it freezes again. About to just delete it all together!!!

  • Dear Kim Wright, Thank you for your feedback, we have received it. The issue has been submitted to the technical staff, and the Merge team will continue to work hard to improve the player’s gaming experience.

I did enjoy this game but it seems like after you’ve opened the eight friends and the seven building, there nothing left to do. You can’t open anymore parts of the land (even though there lands to unlock).

  • Dear players, thank you for your love of the game, we have received your feedback, we will update soon, new regions, new game modes! Thank you for your support, please be patient for a moment, we will send you a more interesting experience.

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