Space Decor Mansion – Design different styles of villa

[Game] Space Decor Mansion

Space Decor MansionWelcome to design your dream mansion!

As a great designer, you need to have professional knowledge and broad vision to go around the world to design different styles of villa! From Paris to Tokyo, from New York to London, the world is in your design!

The villa in the game is close to reality, matching different styles of furniture in your design. To get more design inspiration, you need to solve the match-3 puzzles. Trust me, the match-3 part is just as exciting as the building part!

Swap to match 3 or more similar tiles in a line to crush them.
Make a square of four to create the paper plane.
Match 5 or more to create amazing boosters
Find different kinds of powerful combos is the key to solve puzzles and beat the levels.
Beat the levels to get more coins which are the necessary sources to buy decorations

Completely free game to play;
Traveling and designing all over the world;
Various interesting events in every week;
Vivid character and attractive detective story;
Play with friends and share your works;

Space Decor Mansion user reviews :

The furniture and finishes are ugly and don’t match. It’s a very basic, little effort put into it, game. If developers want their games to prosper, especially home decorating/renovation games, they should put some effort into ensuring their game is, at least, visually appealing. This games choices are NOT appealing in the slightest. UNINSTALLED

  • Thank you! Any suggestions will help us make the game better. We will be very grateful.

Level 874 requires me to clear one more cookie than is available. I wasted all my boosters and everything else I paid for trying multiple times to make the last cookie drop onto the board, but that cookie doesn’t seem to exist. Fix the mistake. Better yet, restore all the power ups and boosters I paid for and ended up wasting on this level. Before this I would have rated the game about a 4 because I was obviously enjoying it to play over 800 levels

  • Dear Jeanne Pitts, the cookies will fall from above as you move the blocks. Thank you for your support and love.

I just now started playing. But so far, I like it very much! I can see giving you five stars if the game keeps working well, and the levels don’t get impossible to pass without buying items with real $$$!!

The majority of these games go through the lazy money option: Just game ads, colour blind designs, worthless gimmicks, persistent flashing false hints, screen clutter (once I counted 15 windows!?), and the plague of them all: the fail level which inevitably leads to the uninstall click without considering a retry.

  • Thank you! Any suggestions will help us make the game better. We will be very grateful.

This game is a money grabber & freezes up after watching the ads to continue almost everytime, I really liked the game at first but with these issues I have totally lost interest. If you`re smart you`ll find a different decor game

  • Thank you! Any suggestions will help us make the game better. We will be very grateful.

Can you make it less obvious that the game cheats? Made it to level 47 and no matter what boosts you use,1 bear left every single time and that should be so easy to get with boosters yet somehow all the boosters that had so much power in the first 47 levels are reduced to a fizzle. This is why I will never spend money on any of these games. If you programmed them to play fair..then I would have VIP’d but you didn’t play fair..your game is rigged and it’s so obvious.

  • Thank you! Any suggestions will help us make the game better. We will be very grateful.

Really enjoying this game, the levels are the right amount of fun and some levels so challenge you which I like. The rooms are beautiful to design

It’s so much fun ! Each level gets a wee bit harder making it more competitive ! Decorating a beautiful room ,bonus !!

I have played similar decorating games, this one has better reaction time, easier game play & outstanding graphics.

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