Merge Plane Robots – Will you be able to match them all

[Game] Merge Plane Robots

Merge Plane Robots

Build a robot empire and become a rich idle tycoon!

Start with a factory, then open more all over the world and improve them to earn more and more profits! Use your robots and win more rewards in this merge simulator! Have fun playing idle clicker tycoon!

Improve your factory with your earnings and your cash! In this addictive clicker game you will travel around the world expanding your Robot empire! This is the most insane merge plane robots game!

Buy, match and manage your robots and make those earnings fly! Will you be able to match them all?

Merge plane and merge battle car robots, you’ll evolve up to 40 (more to come)
Earn daily rewards to help you advance faster in the game.
Improved wheel prizes!

If you want to be the idle tycoon & richest manager, you should buy more and more robots! Buy them in the store, collect robots, you’ll see how your earnings will rocket!

Besides this, you can get some upgrades for your empire! You can have x2 times your current earnings while you’re away, x2 in your incomes, your robot upgrades costs 5% less, your factory gets incomes 10% faster or even x2 fame when you open a new one!

Fill your robots factory to earn more income! Become the best idle tycoon and create an empire!

You can earn more money doing the daily quests. Complete them by improving your robots in this idle tycoon. Moreover, you’ll also be rewarded if you complete the different achievements for every merge battle car that you do.

If you like idle and tycoon mixing with merge games, you’ll love it! Merge plane and racing robots are really easy to play with! You just have to run your business and expand your robot empire faster than a plane in order to create more and more profits! Improve your factory until you reach the most profitable one!

Discover new ones, earn cash as fast as you can and become rich!

– This is a Casual and robot merge plane game – idle tycoon. Besides, it is really easy to play! Earn money with your factory, and improve your robots to get more profits! It’s really easy!

– Amazing graphics: Stunning graphic design! We try our best to design the most interesting merge & idle tycoon!

– Improve your robots to expand the empire! Buy robots and improve them to earn more money! Then with your earnings, open new factories and create an empire! Become the richest in the whole world playing an idle tycoon.

– Use boosters to earn more earnings!

Drag a robot into another of the same number to achieve a better one! Put your machines on track to earn money and discover dozens of bots to match and to evolve. Get awesome rewards from the prize wheel and earn idle coins even while you aren’t playing this merging game.

If you want to become rich in this idle tycoon you should boost your earnings! Get your speed improvements in the store and become a rich idle clicker tycoon!

Optimized for Tablets. May be played without an Internet connection.

Feel free to send a message to support[at] telling us your feedback about this game!

Merge Plane Robots user reviews :

Cons: * The leaderboard is fake. Leaderboard scores keep going up while offline. Makes it hard for me to trust this game with real money. * Two visits to the factory without choosing an ad upgrade forces an ad with no game reward. When using the factory, plan on either choosing ad upgrades, or going offline. Pros: * Core gameplay is simple. Upgrades system is basic, and not gacha or lootboxes. I prefer idle games to be simple and predictable. * The ads aren’t intrusive. No ads asked me for age or other personal information. * Except for one forced ad I mentioned above, ads give a choice to watch or not, and always give a game reward if you watch. * Art and animation is good. Actually looks like the icon and publicity images. * Pretty stable. It takes hours of active gameplay before slowdowns or crashes. Overall, I think this as one of the better games of this kind. Good choice for players who don’t mind watching a lot of ads in an ad-supported game.

  • Thank you very much for your feedback and for taking the time to give us your point of view. We will take your feedback into account to continue to improve some aspects of the game in future updates and in order to make Merge Robots a better game.

Fun game for my 5 year-old son. The app is nearly unplayable now. The red box drops can’t be opened and never go away. The reward bar for watching adds disappeared. The app randomly offers upgrades when you purchase a robot with game currency (as before); but now you can’t accept the offer or decline it. You have to close the app at that point. Tried to clear game cache and wiped the android partition cache. No improvement. Uninstalled the app which loses all progress. He got a level 33 bot.

An overall good game. While it is a generic concept just with transforming robots, I personally like this kind of concept and a huge fan of transformers, so I personally enjoy this game. 4 stars because of the common adds, which is necessary for you to keep it free but they’re still annoying.

  • Hi, you can remove the ads by doing an in app purchase. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at] Have a wonderful day!

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