Blue Angels – Experience flight at 400 mph

[Game] Blue Angels – Aerobatic Flight Simulator

Blue Angels

Become part of the BLUE ANGELS TEAM; try the aerobatic simulator licensed by the U.S. Navy!

Experience flight at 400 mph just 18 inches from your partner’s wing and face the challenge of official maneuvers aboard F/A-18 fighter jets and a C-130 transport aircraft. An assisted driving system allows everyone to learn even the most extreme stunts and thanks to the three play modes, anyone can experience the thrill of a real aerobatic pilot according to their abilities. Do you think you are really an expert? Compete with the simulation mode and push your reflexes to the maximum!

Discover all the secrets of aerobatics with 3D briefing, take complete control and activate the aircraft with the right timing on the rudder, landing gear and smoke deployment! Take off, fly and run all opening maneuvers with the C-130 “Fat Albert”, either “PARADE PASS” or “ASSAULT LANDING,” with no limits, and you just have to give it your best. Now you can sit in the cockpit as a soloist and perform an “AILERON ROLL” to familiarize yourself with your own F/A-18 to then use all your adrenaline in increasingly challenging and complex maneuvers up to formation flying: the “DIAMOND ROLL,” “DELTA BREAK-OUT,” and “FLEUR DE LIS” are just a few examples of all the possible shapes that you will be called upon to perform by covering all roles of the true Blue Angels pilots.

Plan your exhibition by composing real aerobatics with faithfully reproduced official scenarios: NAF El Centro, NAS Key West, Reno, Elmendorf AFB and Baltimore. Your ultimate goal is to complete all airshows! You can do this by executing the real maneuvers in sequence or randomly. You have the freedom of choice. For every maneuver, you decide what role to play: the #1 FLIGHT LEADER, one of the wings, the #2 RIGHT WING and #3 LEFT WING, the #4 SLOT or one of the soloists, the #5 LEAD and #6 OPPOSING SOLO.

Create aerobatic figures with additive mode! Freely position the planes in the scenario you’ve chosen and decide whether to make them take off. You can start with a standard flight or high altitude and then take control of each aircraft in sequence. Aim nose up, make a loop, light the smoke, fly as you like, and when you’re satisfied, the session for the first plane ends and the second aircraft takes off. Choose to fly in free formation or DIAMOND, DELTA, ECHELON, and LINE ABREAST and make spectacular combinations that you can relive with the use of multi-camera replays.

Our trajectory detection system will tell you how accurate you are and the more precise you will be at all stages of the maneuver, the higher your score. Complete the figures to your best ability, exercise, win all medals and gain experience to rise to this level. This will give the you best scores and you will reach the top of the leaderboard!

F/A-18 fighter jets and C-130 “Fat Albert” transport aircraft
Innovative formation flying and assisted guidance system
All official Blue Angels maneuvers, playable in all roles
All configurations: takeoff, diamond, delta, echelon, line abreast and soloist

Use Airshow Mode to complete a real exhibition with a custom sequence of maneuvers
Additive Mode to create your aerobatic figure
Special missions: free flight, exploratory, pursuit and C-130 JATO

High definition scenarios with Rortos REAL 3D TECHNOLOGY

3D Briefing display for easy understanding of the maneuver
Innovative help system with three difficulty levels to suit both beginners and more experienced pilots
Accurate trajectory measurement system for evaluation of the score
Best world performance rankings

3D virtual cockpit
Multi-camera replay system with dynamic views
3D exploratory area to deepen knowledge of the aircraft

Blue Angels user reviews :

Very well designed game and airplanes. If you get the game you will probably want to buy everything on the game because you will want the design mode and the other maps. I would have given 5 stars but I wish there was a way to make the plane go slower because you will almost have the throttle at the bottom and you will be going to fast! But other than that it is a very good simulator.

The gameplay is great. Great graphics package and it had everything you would expect from a flight simulator and then some. The reason I give it two stars is because of the amount of money it takes to play the game. It’s absolutely ridiculous. There is no Challenge, because of you such you can just spend money and advance levels. It’s definitely not work the price you pay to play the game.

The game is cool but there’s one thing I do not like that there’s no settings to make it be the buttons so you can install this game but be careful about flying cuz if you fall down your mission will fail like in all other games but when you see this plane button and makes it show the interior that’s what I like about this game install it cuz I think you would like Blue Angels better than the Thunderbirds

Great game with realistic stunts and aircraft. Personally RORTOS is one of my favourite developers whose games make up a large sum of my games. The reason for the missing star is because of the in-app-purchases which there are far too many of, dropping the prices and/or adding more free features would make this a 5 star.

It has very good graphics and physics. The controls are a bit wierd and wierdly placed on the screen. Also, you can’t land, and there is no free roam. Overall, 4 stars.

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