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[Game] Merge Studio – Fashion Makeover

Merge StudioJoin Stylist Michael in his amazing journey to become a fashion icon and help his clients achieve their dream looks.

Merge Studio is filled with unique and challenging puzzles! Discover new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising rewards! Merge Studio is free to play and tons of fun!

Your clients are in desperate need of a makeover! Some need a transformation for a new job, others are just looking for a touch of glamour to become more desirable and confident. Choose from lots of stylish clothes, stunning hairstyles, eye-catching makeup to create the perfect new look for your clients! Show your great fashion and makeup skills to grow your makeover business, make more money and become the best stylist in town.


MERGE items to discover hundreds of unique useful tools and use them for your makeover!

USE powerful boosters to reach your objectives!

CHOOSE from beautiful clothes and hairstyles to create a perfect makeover for your clients!

COMPLETE challenging and addictive tasks to unlock new clients!

EARN surprising reward at the end of every level!

Merge Studio is 100% internet free and no wifi needed.

Start merging for endless fun!

Merge Studio user reviews :

Generally pretty fun. Gets a bit repetitive, but that’s getting better with an increasing number of events. My ONE complaint and warning is that there is no external/online saving method, so if your phone bricks you WILL lose all your progress. But the customer service team is generally pretty great and are willing to help start you over. That said, Devs, until game data can be saved via Google Play/FB etc., please make the tutorial skippable! It’s a little annoying to go through it all again.

  • Hello! Progress save and transfer system is in testing phase at the moment. It will be in the game very soon after that players can play on multiple devices and transfer their data to any device they want. Thank you for your great review!

The freezing is getting sickening. The fact you can’t skip tutorials is also a huge issue and needs to be available. Being unable to work things out myself takes away the excitement of the game. Especially when you are FORCED to play the moves, that makes me feel like an idiot. The freezing of the game is definitely my biggest downfall. Also the auto replies on feedback is enough to make a player believe our concerns are not as important. The ads are very sickening also, as the start mid game.

  • Hello Mihiterina, we are always read and share the feedbacks with our development team. Thought of our players are important and we care about our players. We are aware of the optimisation problems of the game and we are working on it, it just take times to deliver. We are thankful for your patience!

It’s like a kids game. And advertising is so different. They don’t let us do anything by ourselves. We have to play the pathetic mix matching game to gain some points and then they’ll allow to do their eyebrows or wax etc. But that is also not done by us… you need to click on next button and it will do it. Boring

Game was nice but for a free player it’s not really good because you need to wait for each and everything. PS : I did watch rewarding ads but it gives small rewards and we have to watch 45 or 50 seconds ad.

  • Hello Ami, thank you for your review. You can always use your gems or watch a rewarding advertisement to boost your energy or your spawners!

This game is fun and all, and it’s a decent time passer. But the sewing machine is horrible. I just spent literally my entire energy bar, twice, trying to get enough items from the sewing box so I could reactivate my sewing machine and I STILL didn’t get enough items. It’d be fine if the sewing machine was just a rechargeable spawner like all the others. My choices are to either spend large amounts of energy on JUST recharging it, or fill my board up with sewing pieces so I have them. Bad design

  • Hello Cari, thank you for the feedbacks! We are constantly working hard to make the game more enjoyable for everyone and we will share your thoughts with our development team. If you have other thoughts please share them with us!

I loved this merge game a lot, the only issue I have is there is no events(mini game) that are appearing oftenly , it gets boring if there are no other events(mini games) along with the game. And characters are too less. You need to update new characters oftenly, or else it gets boring. Other than this I have no other issues, I hope u take my feedback n implement it.

  • Hello Roshni, thank you for the feedbacks! We are constantly working hard to make the game more enjoyable for everyone and we will share your thoughts with our development team. If you have other thoughts please share them with us!

I like the game but as you’ve already read too many ads I understand they’re trying to get us to pay to have less ads but I’m not doing that and that’s a little much I did give three stars because it is a cool game if you like puzzles but I think it’s kind of crazy that you want us to pay not to have so many ads you should really take that in consideration thank you

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