Not Not 2 – Don’t let your brain get tricked

[Game] Not Not 2 – A Brain Challenge

Not Not 2Enhance your Brain Skills by solving clever Puzzles based on orientation, logic and colors!

The 15 MILLION players hit “NOT NOT” is back with a fully revamped version! New Modes, More Levels, Many Collectibles, and still totally FREE!
Dive now into this FUN and ADDICTIVE new cerebral experience!

Read the instructions written on the cube
Swipe your finger (or not!) towards the correct direction following these instructions
Solve as many puzzles as you can to maximize your score and rewards!
Be careful about the time limit and don’t let your brain get tricked!

Discover new game MODES and many LEVELS to challenge your brain in various ways
Improve your brain skills everyday with the DAILY CHALLENGE and reach the TOPS of the leaderboard!
Unlock Unique COLLECTIBLES to customize your experience
MEASURE your progress with the statistics dashboard and compare them with your friends!
A brand new graphic DESIGN

And of course :
Accessibility option for color blind
Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards

Have fun getting smarter!

Not Not 2 user reviews :

Just watching my partner play this game and as a developer myself it is very interesting to come across all the various logic and other various factors applied to a simple cube. Pretty cool! Also amazing use of vision conditions and the names used for those particular puzzles (e.g. The Empath). Hope you great success with this game dev!

  • I’ll pass it to the team, thank you!

Spend way too much time watching ads instead of playing! After everything, they’re ads. And they’re ad banners. Something I didn’t get on their last game, frame rate drops… It’s barely 30fps. Disappointing, but with a lot of potential.

  • Hello , you can remove the ads by buying the “no ads” in app pruchase available in the main menu (one of the top left icons). Regarding the performances, you shouldn’t have any issues with your phone so we’ll look into it. In the meantime, there is a “low power mode” in the option, that might fix this. Hope it helps

So far I like the game. Just started playing it. I like the concept. It’s different than most games & will improve your cognitive thinking.

The animation of showing the direction is in inclination and down ward, because of that eyes are being strained so that unable to play the game even for a shot Time period…. NOT NOT game is best then this..

This game is great, I’d play it all day if I could BUT it keeps lagging out. It’s not my wifi either. It’ll go smooth and running for a good 5 minutes then out of nowhere it’ll lag me out of the entire app. It’s pretty annoying especially when I’m in the middle of a level. Needs to be fixed or I’ll just delete it.

  • We’re very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. We have tested our game on much older hardware without ever reproducing this kind of issue. Does enabling the low power mode in the game settings help? Would it be possible to send us a video capture when you’re playing and the game starts slowing down at contact[at]

The concept is good and it is fun to play. The graphics though is horrible for someone with astigmatism. Its causing us head ache. I dont know if the graphics are design really like that. Like it has a stretch out lights or its my astigmatism acting up. But i keep on blinking because of the lights in the graphics and like i said head ache.

Best game that challenges your brain and it effect your brain for long term growth

It feels like one of those weird flash games you played on Cool Maths Games.

Played the original Not Not. Art style here is worse, I think. Also I understand why there’s ads but ads this invasive instantly killed the game for me. Will not purchase the no ads. There are better ways to have ads in-game. This is not it.

it is the best batin challenging game just download it and see how this game will blow your mind

i like the concept of the game, however, the graphics seem to trigger my astigmatism. the colors on the cube had this white light that looks like a light when a person has stigmatism. overall, good concept but terrible graphics

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